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Smarties Candy Company is a rarity among modern confectioners. Instead of going through mergers and acquisitions, acquiring multiple candy brands, Smarties has hummed along with its single, super successful brand since 1949. Started in Bloomfield, New Jersey by Edward Dee, Smarties quickly became an American candy staple. At the time they went by the name Ce De Candy, but in 2011 smartly changed the name to resonate with the powerful brand that Smarties has become in the last 60-plus years. In that time Smarties has produced a number of spinoff lines, including Mega Smarties, Giant Smarties, X-treme Sour Smarties, Tropical Smarties, Smarties pops, and a line of candy necklaces. It might be hard to believe, but between the company's US and Canada operations (they're called Rockets in Canada), Smarties produces over 2.5 billion rolls per year. They're also involved in youth outreach programs across the country.