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While Charms Candy Company might be best known for its Blow Pops, but it has a rich history in the candy industry. It has been around for over 100 years, and was built up as a family business, passed from Walter W. Reid Jr. to his son Walter Reid III. It stayed that way until Tootsie Roll Company bought it in 1988. But did you know that Charms also makes Sugar Daddy candies, those caramel lollipops you see around Halloween a lot? There are also Charms Square Candy, a throwback to the original Tropical Charms that started the company in the early 20th Century. But aside from a few other, lesser-known brands, Blow Pop continues to drive Charms even as part of Tootsie Roll company. You can still find Charms Blow Pops in dozens of styles and flavors.