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The Legacy of Claeys Candy

Founded in 1919, Claeys Candy is reminiscent of a bygone era, a time when candies brought simple joys and memories were made with every bite. Today, they stand as one of the few manufacturers who offer flavors like sassafras and anise. It's not just about recreating those classic hard candies, but also about preserving history and offering a sweet escape into the past.

The mastery of Claeys doesn't end with hard candies. Their exploration into the world of creamy delights led to the birth of the Old Fashioned Cream Fudge Candy. These creamy wonders, available in bars or individual servings, are perfect for those who seek a rich and luscious treat.

From Festive Delights to Timeless Classics

One of the highlights of Claeys' festive offerings is the much-celebrated Chocolate Charlie. This enticing mix of fudge, nuts, and marshmallow becomes especially popular during the holiday season. The layered goodness, often requiring a knife to dig into its depths, captures the essence of festive joy and traditional candy craftsmanship.

For candy aficionados missing the charm of picking out candies from barrels at local general stores, Claeys brings back that very experience. With the option to order their nostalgic hard candies in bulk, those flavors from the past are always just a click away, ready to fill homes with joy and memories.