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The Rise and Evolution of Concord Confections

Over the years, Concord Confections has established itself as a prominent name in the candy industry, not only for its original creations but also for the iconic brands it has acquired. While the company has developed an extensive range of products, its entry into the world of chewing gum is particularly noteworthy. One of the monumental moments in its journey was the acquisition of the renowned Dubble Bubble chewing gum in 1998. This acquisition complemented its other gum lines, further strengthening its foothold in the market.

Besides Dubble Bubble, Concord Confections is celebrated for its unique creation - Razzles. These innovative candies undergo a magical transformation, starting as delightful candies and turning into chewing gum as you enjoy them. Over the years, they've introduced a plethora of flavors, making Razzles a versatile treat for gum enthusiasts.

Expanding Horizons and Lasting Legacy

Concord Confections' innovative spirit didn't stop at Razzles. Their Candy Blox, which are chalky sugar candies, cleverly emulate the shape of Lego blocks, providing both a treat to the eyes and the palate. As the 2000s dawned, the company continued its expansion spree by acquiring the American Candy Company. This brought classics like wax lips and candy cigars into their repertoire, further diversifying their offerings.

However, the most significant turn in Concord's journey came in 2004 when the candy giant, Tootsie Roll Company, acquired it. Despite this acquisition, most of the beloved brands, including the ever-popular Dubble Bubble gum, continue to thrive under the Concord banner, carrying forward its rich legacy in the world of confections.