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Dorval Candy: Originators of the Sour Trend

Founded in 1966, Dorval has solidified its position in the candy world through its unique range of imported candies. With its roots deeply entrenched in sourcing delights from South America, Mexico, and Europe, Dorval quickly gained traction in the American market. Their journey began with a leap of faith, a major retailer's trust, and a couple's vision. Though they have an array of candies under their belt, including the beloved Top Pops and crEATables, Dorval's signature stroke of genius was tapping into a flavor trend before it even existed in the US: sourness.

In 1985, while the candy world was replete with sweet and chocolaty treats, Dorval introduced its Sour Power line, a game-changer. This wasn't just a new candy; it set the stage for an entirely new sensation in the candy realm. The idea of sour candies, particularly sour straws and belts, was revolutionary, and it sent ripples across the market. Even though brands like Trolli and Sour Patch Kids have since become synonymous with sour gummies, Dorval's contribution as the trendsetter remains undeniable.

Dorval Candy Continuing the Legacy of Sour Sweets

As the original creators of the sour gummy trend, Dorval's commitment to quality and flavor hasn't wavered over the years. Their Sour Power Belts and Straws remain a testament to their expertise in crafting the perfect balance between tanginess and sweetness. These candies aren't just treats; they're experiences. Every bite is an exhilarating mix of flavors that keeps enthusiasts coming back for more.

While many candy brands have come and gone, Dorval's consistent focus on sour candy ensures they remain relevant and cherished. As they continue to innovate and introduce new flavors to their lineup, one thing remains certain: Dorval will always be remembered as the brand that made America fall in love with the sour side of candy.

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