Dryden & Palmer Candy

Crystal sugar rock formations in all the colors!

Dryden & Palmer Legacy

Dryden & Palmer is not just another name in the candy industry; it's a legacy built on innovation and resilience. When Prohibition struck the United States in the 1920s, it spelled the end for many rock candy manufacturers who had flourished in the era when saloons dominated the social scene. As patrons would frequently stir rock candy into their rye whiskey, under the guise of alleviating colds or coughs, the candy became synonymous with alcohol. However, amidst this challenging climate, only Dryden & Palmer stood tall, facing both the tides of change and stiff competition from smaller manufacturers who found rock candy easy to produce.

The 1960s marked a pivotal moment for the company. Recognizing the need to evolve, Dryden & Palmer pioneered the concept of rock candy on a stick, turning the traditional treat into a delightful novelty item that redefined the way people enjoyed it. This innovation, coupled with the introduction of various colors and flavors in the subsequent decade, fortified the company's position in the market. Their dedication to diversifying their product line didn't end there. From sticks to strings, and even the signature crystals made from crushed rock candy, Dryden & Palmer ensured they had something for every rock candy enthusiast.

Dryden & Palmer Today

Today, Dryden & Palmer stands as a testament to adaptability and innovation in the candy world. Their legacy is evident in every sparkling, crystalline piece of rock candy they produce. The colors, flavors, and sheer variety of products cater to both nostalgic adults and curious kids alike. As the premier manufacturer, they've kept the traditions alive while continuously adding fresh twists to their offerings.

One such innovation is their collaboration with brands like Espeez. By forging partnerships and exploring new candy frontiers, Dryden & Palmer ensures that they remain not only relevant but at the forefront of the candy industry. Their journey from the days of Prohibition to the modern candy shelves is an inspiring story of tenacity, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to sweetness.

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