Gilliam Candy

Makers of circus swirl candy sticks and more!

Gilliam Candy: An Age-Old Tradition of Candy Sticks

Delving into the history of candy, one name stands out distinctively - Gilliam Candy. Renowned for its iconic stick candy, a delectable treat resembling candy canes but straight in form, Gilliam Candy has been sweetening the world since the 1920s. These vibrant, multicolored striped candies have graced many a general store shelf and supermarket display over the decades, winning hearts with their timeless appeal.

Founded by Cleve Gilliam, the brand expanded its candy repertoire over the years, introducing novelties such as Bacon Slice and Cello Sally. Upon Cleve's retirement, the company witnessed new ownership, which further expanded the Gilliam candy offerings. But, the real turn came in 2003 when Quality Candy Company acquired the Gilliam line. With a fresh vision, the focus was redirected to the hallmark candy sticks. Today, candy enthusiasts can savor these sticks in more than two dozen flavors, each meticulously crafted to maintain the exemplary standards set by Cleve Gilliam nearly a century ago.

The Evolution of Gilliam Candy: Past to Present

The journey of Gilliam Candy is reminiscent of an evolving candy landscape. From its early beginnings in the 1920s, focusing solely on the candy sticks, to diversifying with offerings like Bacon Slice and Cello Sally, the brand has consistently innovated while staying true to its roots. The transition over the years, through different ownerships and business decisions, has only fortified its place in the candy world.

In recent years, especially post the acquisition by Quality Candy Company, there has been a renaissance of the classic stick candies. This not only signifies the timeless nature of old-fashioned candy, but also underlines the enduring legacy of the Gilliam brand. Whether you're a longtime fan or a new admirer, Gilliam Candy promises a taste of nostalgia, paired with the freshness of contemporary flavors.

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