Orange Candy Sticks - 80ct

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Length: 5-inches Diameter: 1/4-inch

Price per stick: $0.36

Product Details

Candy sticks are a favorite of many. These great candy sticks are hard candy that is in the shape of a stick. They are orange in flavor. They also have a great orange color to them that would blend well when use for almost any occasion. You will find that these might really work great around Halloween as each one is individually wrapped, so if you are giving them out to children that you don't know then the parents are not as likely to be concerned with it. You can either suck on the sticks until they are gone, or if you are one that likes to crunch then you will be able to do this as well. However, you should know that it is not good for your teeth so do this at your own risks. However, you decide to enjoy your sticks you are sure to find that they will hit the spot.

Certified Kosher Candy

NOTICE: Stick candy is very fragile! Its extreme fragile nature and delivery circumstances beyond our control dictate that we will not guarantee old fashioned stick candy will arrive unbroken. During the shipping process, some or many sticks may break. We will not be held responsible for any broken sticks, regardless of how many arrive broken. Please keep this in mind before you place your order.

SKU: F317276

Length: 5-inches Diameter: 1/4-inch

Price per stick: $0.36

Allergen Info

From the manufacturer:"All of our candy is Gluten free, we don't use peanut products in our candy and we try to use natural flavors when possible, sometimes we do utilize artificial flavors/colors."

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