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Gimbal's Gourmet Candy's Time-Honored Legacy

For those who revel in the world of candies, the name Gimbal's is synonymous with quality and flavor. With a legacy stretching over a century, Gimbal's has solidified its reputation not just by time but by the sheer range of delectable offerings. Their acclaimed gourmet jelly beans, for instance, are a treat for the senses, encompassing a staggering 41 flavors and boasting genuine fruit juice in their ingredients. Such is their allure that Gimbal's found itself under the spotlight on the Food Network's popular show, 'Kid in a Candy Store'.

While the jelly beans may have garnered significant attention, Gimbal's candy universe doesn't end there. Gummy candy galone. The spicy LavaBalls are another sensation, providing chewy cinnamon delights that explode with intense heat. And then there's the Lovers line, a delightful series featuring flavors like Cherry, Cinnamon, and Sour, ensuring that candy enthusiasts have ample choices to satisfy their sweet (or spicy) cravings.

Gimbal's: A Symphony of Flavors

It's rare for a candy company to consistently produce hits across generations, but Gimbal's stands as a testament to this feat. Their journey from a traditional candy maker to a modern gourmet sensation exemplifies their dedication to innovation and flavor. Those with a penchant for gummy candies would be elated to discover their vast range. From the classic gummy bears to the slinky gummy worms, the range is as expansive as it is delicious.

With every bite, Gimbal's promises a trip down memory lane, combined with a fresh twist of modern candy-making techniques. Their unwavering commitment to quality and taste ensures that every candy lover finds something to cherish in their vast selection.