Goetze's Candy

Chewy caramel treats everyone loves!

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You know those caramel candies with the cream center? Those come from Goetze's Candy Company. Founded in Baltimore in 1895, Goetze (pronounced gets) developed the caramel sensation in 1917, calling them Chu-ees. Eventually they changed the name to Caramel Creams, and a candy empire was born. Caramel Creams remain Goetze's best-selling candy, and one of the top-selling candies in the country. Not content to rest its laurels on this one confection, Goetze's developed a new take on the Caramel Cream in the 1980s: Cow Tales. You might recognieze these thin caramel tubes, which also have cream centers. They're available in vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate flavors. Through the years, Goetze's Candy Company has remained private and is in its fifth generation of operations.