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Sugar free candy in all your favorite flavors!

GoLightly Candy: The Pioneer in Sugar-Free Treats

The evolution of confectionery has witnessed several trends, but one of the most health-centric shifts has been the rise of sugar-free candies. While many might believe that the sugar-free movement is a recent phenomenon, its roots trace back to several decades ago. Enter GoLightly Candy, the brainchild of what was once known as Moru Industries Company. Initially producing lemon-flavored hard candies, the company rebranded in the mid-80s to cater to an increasing demand for healthier candy options by health-savvy consumers.

Operating under the umbrella of Hillside Candies, GoLightly stands distinct with its unwavering commitment to the sugar-free niche. Their range is vast, boasting not just hard candies in a plethora of flavors but also extending to fruit chews. What's more, they've mastered the art of sweetening their treats without sugar. Using sugar alcohols, a misnomer as they're devoid of both sugar and alcohol, and Splenda (sucralose), GoLightly ensures a guilt-free indulgence for candy lovers everywhere.

The Sugar-Free Movement and GoLightly's Contribution

Over the years, the emphasis on health and well-being has propelled brands to innovate and find alternatives to sugar. While many brands have joined the sugar-free candy bandwagon, GoLightly stands out as one of the early adopters, recognizing the trend way back in the 1980s. Their commitment goes beyond just providing sugar-free options; they ensure that the taste and quality remain uncompromised.

Though Hillside Candies, their parent company, dabbles in organic and sugar-based confections, GoLightly remains focused on its mission. Their extensive lineup, from hard candies to fruit chews, sweetened with innovative ingredients like sugar alcohols and sugar-free gums, truly resonates with the brand's name – GoLightly, a lighter and healthier way to enjoy sweets.

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