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The Legacy of Halter: A Swiss Candy Pioneer

Delving into the world of confections, one cannot overlook the impact of Halter, a Swiss confectionery rooted in tradition since 1907. Throughout its illustrious history, Halter has achieved several significant milestones that set it apart in the candy landscape. Not only do they pride themselves on introducing Switzerland's first soft caramel candy, but they also embarked on a bold journey by establishing Switzerland's inaugural confectionery factory.

While Halter's rich history is dotted with many firsts, their innovative approach to candy-making is not just limited to the past. Their spirit of innovation became even more apparent in 1975 when they ventured into producing sugar-free candies. These candies were not just a delight to the palate but also came with the convenience of resealable packs, ensuring freshness with every treat.

Halter in America: Sugar-Free BonBons

Fast-forward to today, Halter's reputation has crossed the Swiss borders, especially making waves in America. Here, they are predominantly recognized for their exquisite range of sugar-free bonbons. These bonbons aren't just a testament to Halter's commitment to quality but also their versatility in flavor. With over a dozen different varieties, each flavor promises a unique taste experience, catering to diverse palates.

Whether you're a fan of traditional candies or lean towards more health-conscious choices like Simply Lite Bars, Halter's offerings have something for everyone. For those who relish the joy of a good chew, you might find delight in exploring the wide range of gum and bubblegum candies and don't miss out on the vibrant and timeless collection of gumballs.

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