Madelaine Candy

The Origin Story of Madelaine Chocolate

In the world of confections, Madelaine Chocolate has carved out a special niche. This journey began with its founders, Henry Kaye and Jack Gold, both brothers-in-law. They ventured into the realm of fine chocolate making, absorbing the intricate nuances of the craft. When it came to branding, the duo wanted an elegant touch. They chose the name 'Madelaine', drawing inspiration from the iconic Ms. Monroe.

Rather than following the mainstream trend of producing inexpensive chocolates, they aimed higher. Madelaine Chocolate was committed to quality, opting to use the finest chocolate they could source. This unwavering commitment bore fruit just five years into the journey when they struck gold with their egg-shaped chocolates for Easter. A product that would mark the beginning of their ascent in the candy world.

Legacy of Madelaine's Unique Chocolates

Season after season, Madelaine continued to enchant its customers. Not just with their Easter specials, but with a plethora of seasonal delights. What sets them apart are their unique shapes, from enchanting roses to delightful fishes. These chocolates aren't just a treat to the taste buds but also to the eyes, thanks to their unique Italian foils. The ethos of the brand extends beyond its own creations, with the love for chocolate being evident in other popular treats like Hershey's Kisses and Reese's candy.

Today, Madelaine Chocolate stands tall, a legacy maintained by the same family. It's not just a brand but an emblem of premium quality. Operating from the heart of New York City, in Far Rockaway, Queens, they continue to spread sweetness and joy.

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