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Marich Candy: From Jelly Bean Origins to Chocolate Innovations

Marich Confectionery, founded by the inventive Marinus van Dam, holds a special place in the history of American candy. Having been a major player in the success story of the Jelly Belly jelly bean - a candy that became a White House staple during President Ronald Reagan's tenure - the company's legacy was seemingly set in stone. However, instead of resting on the laurels of jelly beans alone, Marich decided to venture into other sweet territories. Their commitment to quality and innovation became evident when they turned their focus to the delightful fusion of chocolate and nature's bounty, specifically fruits and nuts.

With a mastery in crafting exceptional treats, Marich has been recognized for their excellence, especially in the realm of chocolate-covered delights. In 2001, their expertise was celebrated when they bagged the International Fancy Food Shows award for their impeccable chocolate-covered dried cherry. But the star of their lineup, undeniably, is the chocolate-covered blueberry, an instant hit since its debut in 1992. A combination of sweet, tart, and chocolatey goodness, it's no surprise why it remains a favorite among many.

Marich's Signature Offerings: Where Chocolate Meets Tradition

While chocolate-covered fruits have garnered immense love and attention, Marich's portfolio of treats is broad and equally tempting. Their offerings, like nuts and seeds drenched in rich, velvety chocolate, cater to the sophisticated palates of those who appreciate the merger of crunchy and smooth. The chocolate-covered cashews, for instance, are a delightful treat that exemplifies Marich's dedication to quality and taste.

Moreover, Marich understands the significance of moments and celebrations. That's evident in their ever-popular jordan almonds. Perfectly roasted almonds, enveloped in a sweet outer shell, they have become synonymous with special events like weddings and showers. When you think of Marich, it's not just about candy; it's about memories, traditions, and the joy of savoring life's sweet moments.