Perugina Candy

Italian chocolates with rich flavors!

The Sweet Journey of Perugina Candy

Perugina's storied legacy traces back to the early 20th Century, but its foray into the American market began at the 1939 World's Fair in New York. This pivotal moment introduced the American public to Baci - the Italian word for 'kisses'. These hazelnut-filled chocolates, distinctively wrapped with love notes, captivated hearts and palates alike.

It wasn't merely the allure of Baci that propelled Perugina to global recognition. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and the richness of Italian confectionery traditions played a significant role. Over the years, the brand broadened its horizons, continually delighting consumers with an expansive range of chocolates and treats.

Perugina's Diverse Offerings

From products reminiscent of chocolate almonds to the sophisticated charm of foil-wrapped chocolate balls, Perugina's selection is both vast and varied. Such diversity in offerings is a testament to their unwavering commitment to the craft and a deep understanding of global palate preferences.

As testament to its success and the quality it upheld, Nestle acquired Perugina, amplifying its reach across continents. With Nestle's backing and Perugina's rich heritage, the brand is poised to continue its sweet journey, touching more lives and spreading the magic of Italian candy far and wide.

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