R.M. Palmer Company

How many chocolate bunnies does R.M. Palmer produce each Easter? Reveal The Answer

History of R.M. Palmer Company

In the realm of confectionery, few names are as iconic as the R.M. Palmer Company. This legendary chocolatier began its journey in 1948, in the heart of Pennsylvania. Its founder, Richard M. Palmer Sr., was driven by a straightforward philosophy: to provide chocolate lovers with high-quality, great-tasting, and fun-to-eat candy that didn't break the bank.

From the beginning, this principle was infused in every milk chocolate bunny and hollow chocolate heart that emerged from the Palmer factory. Over the years, R.M. Palmer Company has continued to fill candy shops around the globe, constantly innovating while maintaining the high standards set by Richard.

Who can forget the first time they Tried one of the many classic R.M. Palmer candies like:

Classic Palmer Candy Products

  • Palmer Peanut Butter Hearts
  • Yummie Bunnies
  • Gold Chocolate Coins
  • Chocolate Baseballs
  • Foil-Wrapped Sports Balls
  • Christmas Coal Chocolate
  • Double Crisps Chocolate Treats
  • Chocolate Bunny Munny
  • Chocolate-y Flavored Monsters
  • Halloween Peanut Butter Cups

It's clear that R.M. Palmer Company has not only made many candies; they've created countless smiles, shared in celebrations, and became an enduring part of our cherished traditions.

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Get ready to take a sweet journey into the world of R.M. Palmer chocolates, right here at CandyStore.com. Our shelves are brimming with a plethora of Palmer's delectable delights, carefully crafted to sweeten your every occasion.

Feeling a little rich? Treat yourself to Palmer's gold chocolate coins, a luxurious burst of rich, smooth chocolate that's worth every bite. Or perhaps you're in the mood to celebrate your favorite sport? Dive into the assortment of foil-wrapped sports balls – a fun, playful mix that's guaranteed to score a home run, slam dunk, and touchdown with chocolate enthusiasts of all ages!

There's no shortage of Christmas cheer with the Palmer double crisp chocolate treats, including the beloved chocolate bunny munny and chocolate-y flavored monsters. These fun, deliciously themed sweets are uniquely made as Easter candy, Christmas candy, or just adding a little magic to any day.

And, let's not forget about Halloween. Palmer's Halloween peanut butter cups are ready to trick your taste buds with their treat of smooth, creamy peanut butter enrobed in rich, quality chocolate. It's a spooky good delight that's bound to be the star of any Halloween candy bowl.

True Fact about Palmer Candy

Every Easter season, the R.M. Palmer Company shifts gears to become a magical bunny factory, creating over 500 million chocolate bunnies annually.

That pretty much secures their place as one of the largest producers of this delightful candy shop classic worldwide. Whether they are hollow milk chocolate bunnies or solid, creamy confections, each one is expertly crafted to offer a deliciously festive experience.

So, the next time you spot a Palmer chocolate bunny in your favorite "candy store near me", remember: you're part of a global tradition that brings together candy lovers around the world in the sweetest way possible!

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