Chocolate Coal Double Crisp Candy - 12lb

Chocolate Coal Double Crisp Coal Candy for Christmas Stockings - 12lb
  • $111.99

Delightful shimmery black foiled chocolate in a seasonal coal shape is perfect for holiday candy displays.

Product Details

Ignite your festive spirit with Chocolate Coal Double Crisp Candy, a uniquely delightful holiday candy from R.M. Palmer Company. This fun Christmas candy mimics the look of shiny coal, thanks to a special coating that glistens right on the candy itself.

Beyond its festive exterior, you'll discover a burst of flavors, meticulously designed to deliver a double crisp sensation with every bite. Perfectly balanced in texture and taste, it's a holiday favorite that elevates the joy of the season.

Designed for holiday displays in your candy shop or adding a fun surprise to your Christmas stocking traditions, these chocolate coal candies bring a unique twist to the holiday table. Dive into this batch of Chocolate Coal Double Crisp Candy and let it light up your Christmas Candy celebrations with its delightful charm and unforgettable flavor!


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