Sour Patch Kids

Lovable, sweet and then sour kids and friends!

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Did you know that Sour Patch Kid were originally designed to be aliens? Here's another weird fact: not only are Sour Patch Kids from the same manufacturer as Swedish Fish, but they're the exact same sour candy except for the sour sugar that dusts Sour Patch Kids. Of course Sour Patch Kids have evolved over the years. For starters, they became human-shaped. They've also taken on a variety of shapes and flavors, including several fruits and berries. They also have Extreme Sour Patch Kids, which are not for the faint of heart. At a time when Trolli was setting trends in the sour gummies game, Sour Patch Kids came along and carved out their own little part of the niche. They're one of the most well-recognized sour gummies today.