Sweets Taffy & Candy

The Legacy of Sweet's Candy Company

Established in 1892, Sweet's Candy Company has built a reputation that spans well over a century. A family-owned enterprise from its inception, they have steadfastly stayed true to their tradition of manufacturing and distributing quality candies. With a vast array of more than 250 varieties, Sweet's showcases a diverse spectrum of confections. This impressive portfolio encompasses everything from their renowned salt water taffy to the indulgent chocolate marshmallow bears.

The journey of Sweet's has also witnessed the acquisition of iconic candy brands. One notable acquisition is Judson-Atkinson, recognized for its enticing line of Cherry sours and other sour ball delights. The vast offerings and strategic acquisitions have ensured that Sweet's Candy Company remains an independent candy powerhouse, much revered for its rich heritage and diverse range.

Exploring More Sweet Candy Company Treats

If your candy exploration urges are still not satiated after savoring the delights from Sweet's, there are many other confectionary treasures to discover. For instance, the chewy texture and playful flavors of Laffy Taffy can be a delightful addition to your candy repertoire.

Furthermore, for those with a taste for nostalgia, Bonomo Turkish Taffy offers a classic experience, reminiscent of yesteryears. Whether it's Sweet's vast collection or other renowned brands, the world of candies offers endless possibilities for indulgence and joy.

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