Terry's Chocolate Oranges

Terry's Chocolate Oranges – a burst of citrus in a sphere of chocolate!

Sconza Candy: A Legacy of Sweet Excellence

The Sconza family's journey in the candy world began in 1939, and it has since been a story of passion, craftsmanship, and delightful innovation. From humble beginnings in a modest candy kitchen, Sconza has grown exponentially, marking its presence with a wide range of offerings, including bulk, packaged, and seasonal candies. Their foray into the world of candy also extends to contract manufacturing, partnering with other esteemed candy brands to bring more delectable treats to candy enthusiasts everywhere.

Among their myriad creations, Sconza's nuts and seeds offerings, like their famous lemoncello almonds, stand out. But that's not the only feather in their cap. Delighting both young and old, their array of treats ranges from the classic jordan almonds to the mesmerizing jawbreaker candies. The latter, especially, is a favorite among kids who revel in the fun of observing the ever-changing colors as they savor each layer.

Exploring Sconza's Diverse Candy Portfolio

While the Sconza brand has carved a niche for itself with its renowned almond treats, their product range is diverse and expansive. Taking a leaf from their fellow candy makers, they've ventured into delightful domains such as licorice, toffee nuts, and even a dedicated line for those seeking sugar-free or no sugar added options. It's this ability to cater to varied tastes that has made them a favorite for many.

Speaking of favorites, their collaboration with brands like Marich Candy has further enriched their offerings. This symbiotic relationship not only brings the best of both worlds to the consumers but also underlines Sconza's commitment to quality and innovation. When you choose Sconza, you're not just picking a candy; you're embracing a legacy that spans decades, filled with sweet memories and moments.

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