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Trolli: The Gummy Innovator

While Haribo is a titan in the gummy world, a close competitor, Trolli, has carved out its own niche, especially in the U.S. market. Making a splash in 1975, Trolli's entrance predated Haribo's American debut. Quickly, this brand established itself with its unique offerings, appealing to a market hungry for diverse and delicious gummy candies.

But Trolli's true game-changer was its introduction of sour gummies. This tangy twist not only tantalized American taste buds but also set the brand on a trajectory that emphasized sour delights. Beyond this, they pioneered the delightful fusion of gummy and cream, birthing treats like apple rings that resonated deeply with American consumers.

Trolli's Expanding Gummy Galaxy

From traditional gummy bears to the zesty sour worms, Trolli's range is extensive and ever-evolving. Their commitment to innovation is evident in the variety of their products. With a lineup boasting over two dozen offerings in the U.S alone, the brand ensures there's a gummy for every palate. Whether it's the classic flavors or exotic newcomers like Trop-Os, tropical-flavored rings, Trolli continues to surprise and delight.

Having captured the hearts of many across the globe, Trolli's legacy is not just about quantity but quality. Their commitment to crafting memorable gummy experiences is unwavering, ensuring they remain a close competitor in the gummy worms and beyond market.