Vidal Candy

Vidal Candy Inception and Growth

Founded in 1963, Vidal Candies emerged as Spain's top candy producer, initially meeting the demand for jelly and marshmallow treats. The late 70s marked a turning point for Vidal as they ventured into the world of licorice. Employing an innovative manufacturing process, they achieved a richer, more intense flavor, setting their products apart. The introduction of licorice bricks, influenced by this new process, remains a cherished treat even today.

As the company evolved, Vidal broadened its horizons, unveiling fruit marshmallows—a confectionery delight still celebrated today. Further diversifying, they began crafting soft candies harboring delightful fillings. Their lineup boasts candies like gum with effervescent interiors, liquid-filled bubble gum, and jelly-stuffed gummy treats. Standing testament to Vidal's commitment to innovation is their quirky yet beloved gummy chicken feet.

Vidal's Unique Touch in the World of Licorice

When exploring the global licorice market, brands like Twizzlers have carved their niche with distinctive offerings. However, Vidal's approach to licorice candy is particularly noteworthy for its enhanced flavor profile and product diversity. Their licorice bricks, a revolutionary creation, continue to enthrall licorice enthusiasts worldwide.

Moreover, for those familiar with the signature taste of Red Vines, Vidal presents a delightful array of products, which not only accentuate traditional licorice essence but also merge it with unconventional textures and fillings. It's this knack for blending tradition with innovation that ensures Vidal's spot on the global candy map.

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