3 Musketeers King Size - 24ct

3 Musketeers King Size - 24ct CandyStore.com
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There are some chocolate bars that are so good, they leave you feeling a little disappointed when you finish them because you want more. This happens to be one of them, which is why 3 Musketeers King Size bars are so popular.

Aside from the amazing taste, the great thing about these bars is that they are incredibly light, so you don't feel overly full after.

These 3 Musketeers King Size bars are the same as the original size ones. A fluffy whipped chocolate bar gets coated in creamy milk chocolate for a truly indulgent treat. As a bonus, they have considerably less fat calories than many other chocolate bars.

This bulk supply of 3 Musketeers King Size bars is perfect to keep stocked for movie night or to enjoy between meals when your stomach starts growling. Stuff them in Christmas stockings or break one up to use as a topping for your plain ice-cream!

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