Almond Butter Toffee Sugar Free 3oz - 12ct

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Asher's fine chocolates offers a delectable blend of ingredients with their sugar free almond butter toffee. This rich confection starts with a bar of savory toffee with crunchy almond flecks. The outside is blanketed in smooth, creamy milk chocolate.

You get all the flavors you love with a delightful crunch and none of the sugar your body hates! Asher's is a must-have for anyone trying to stick to a healthier diet. Now you can get all the sugar free candy you want with our bulk Asher's almond butter toffee pack. Each pack contains several sealed bags of sugar free toffee.

Spread them around for convenient snacking so you never have the urge to reach for sugary treats. Hide them in your pantry, desk drawer, car or keep them at work - any place that you might get a rumbly tummy! Asher's almond butter toffee also makes an irresistible gift for anyone who prefers a sugar free diet.

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