Dots Sour Theater Box - 12ct

Dots Sour Theater Box - 12ct
  • $28.99

A new take on one of the most popular treats in the candy world!

6 ounces per box

Price per unit: $2.42

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Sour Dots candy are a new take on one of the most popular treats in the candy world. Children and adults love the smooth, chewy texture of these gumdrop candies.

The very first version of Dots was introduced as Crows during the late 19th century. Many changes and updates have been made to bring candy lovers more options when choosing to snack on their favorite chewy candy!

Sweet treats are great, but sometimes you need a little more excitement in your snacks. That's why Tootsie Roll Industries created Sour Dots in 2009. This new take on an old favorite features the same delicious flavor you love with a hint of sour that will make your tongue tingle.

Our Dots theater boxes are a great way to try this one-of-a-kind gumdrop. Use them as a quick snack at home or give them away as gifts during the holidays. Sour Dots are also a great way to change up your snack options during family movie night!

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6 ounces per box

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