Gummi Ripe Red Raspberry - 5lb

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Juicy red gummy raspberries are bursting with flavor!

Price per pound: $3.40

Product Details

Our red ripe raspberry gummies are one berry that will never over ripen! If you love the deliciously juicy taste of fresh picked raspberries, then you simply must try this chewy treat.

Each piece is round with a flat back and 3D front that recreates the natural shape of a real red raspberry! Take a bite of each solid piece and experience a mouthwatering blend of sugary goodness and fruit flavor. Why settle for less candy when you can have more with our bulk gummy pack! Each order includes a large quantity of sweet red raspberry candies so you have plenty for parties, gatherings and casual snacking.

Keep them in the kitchen as a quick after school treat for the kids or save them for a special occasion. Pour into a bowl to offer guests or use to fill shower or wedding favors! Everyone will love the chewy texture and sweet taste of our red raspberry gummies!

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