Jelly Belly Jordan Almonds - 10lb Bulk

Jelly Belly Jordan Almonds
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These beautiful little almonds are show-stoppers at events!

Price per pound: $15.50

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Product Details

Coated in gorgeous pastel shades of white, pink, green, and purple, these beautiful little almonds are show-stoppers when it comes to flavor and style. Once you bite in, you'll find a whole, nutty almond coated in crunchy sugar coating. Yum!

Get ready for Easter, a springtime event or anything else that calls for a sophisticated and lovely dessert like Jelly Belly Jordan Almonds when you order a bulk supply today! You can place them on top of cakes, in candy dishes and into goodie bags to dole out to the ones you love most.

We're absolutely nut-ty for this particular candy! You will be too once you place one of these Jelly Belly Jordan Almonds onto your tongue.

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: F314575

Flavor List

White or Assorted.

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