Lemonade Fizzies Candy - 6ct

Lemonade Fizzies Candy - 6ct CandyStore.com
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Now you can enjoy your favorite summertime beverage anytime you want with sugar free Fizzies! This one-of-a-kind treat comes in convenient tablet form. Each "action tablet" can be submerged in water. Once dunked, Fizzies will dissolve to create sparkling lemonade. Make in a clear glass and watch as clear water turns lemony yellow! Kids will love observing the transformation almost as much as they enjoy the great taste of this instant sparkling drink.

Bulk Fizzies give you more tablets for special events, gatherings and casual snacking. Save them for when guests arrive or serve as a fun after school snack that the kids will enjoy making. Children who can pour their own beverage can make their own Fizzies! Each tablet is enriched with vitamin C. That combined with the sugar free recipe makes lemonade Fizzies a great alternative to sugary candies and sodas. Order our lemonade Fizzies alone or combine with our other single flavor Fizzies packs!

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