Single Milk Chocolate Foiled Red Roses Madelaine - 36ct

  • $147.99

A realistic semi-solid chocolate rose wrapped in dark red foil, perfect for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, birthdays, and more.

Price per rose: $4.11

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Product Details

Designed to look like long stem roses, but filled with a flower made of incredible milk chocolate, these foil wrapped Milk Chocolate Long Stem Red Roses are the perfect mix of delicious and thoughtful.

Feel the love during Valentine's Day season when you bring these chocolate roses home. Give one to a special someone, make a huge bouquet for someone who has your whole heart, even leave some on the desks of co-workers to make everyone feel loved. Milk Chocolate Long Stem Red Roses also make great get well basket additions and raffle items because of their unique nature and amazing chocolate taste.

Be prepared for lots of hugs and kisses when you give these roses away to the ones you love!

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