M&M's Milk Chocolate Theater Boxes - 12ct

M&M's Milk Chocolate Theater Boxes - 12ct CandyStore.com
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3.1 ounces per box

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Lights, camera, M&Ms! These movie theater classics will help you bring a taste of the big screen home. In theater size boxes, cuddle up on the couch and make every movie night more chocolatey and memorable than ever, box after box. You'll feel like a movie star with every luscious morsel.

Since 1941, M&Ms have been gracing the shelves of movie theaters and candy shops, alike. Their appealing, button-sized shape, hard candy crunch, and milk chocolate meltiness have made them an all-American favorite. So pop some popcorn, put on your favorite movie, and see why these ''melt in your mouth, not in your hand'' classics have made their way in Hollywood.

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3.1 ounces per box

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