M&M's Pretzel Theater Boxes - 12ct

M&M's Pretzel Theater Boxes - 12ct CandyStore.com
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3 ounces per box

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Chocolate and pretzels have long been renowned as a tasty combination by candy lovers all over the world.

Now you can enjoy chocolate covered pretzels without making them or spending a lot on gourmet treats with Pretzel M&Ms! This ingenious creation takes that same popular confection and turns it into a bite sized M&Ms candy.

The original M&M is a round milk chocolate sweet that's covered in a colorful candy shell. The plain version became hugely popular and is now sold in 100 countries across the globe! Multiple varieties have been introduced, including the exciting new pretzel M&M!

Each bite includes the sweet richness of milk chocolate combined with the irresistibly salty taste of a savory pretzel. As if that wasn't enough, each piece also includes the familiar colorful candy shell and white "m" logo. Our bulk Pretzel M&Ms offer a large quantity divided into convenient theater candy box sizes.

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3 ounces per box

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