Napoleon Sour Bon Bons Candy - 7lb

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Bonbon Aparte! Sour bon bons candy filled with sour powder!

65 pieces per pound

Price per pound: $8.71

Product Details

If you love bonbons and sour candy, now you can have both in a single bite-sized confection! This exciting treat is sure to make even the most resilient lips pucker up.

Every piece consists of a delightful round orb of solid candy with a gentle texture that's pleasantly tart on the tongue. Each assortment of Napoleon sour bon bons comes in a number of eye-catching colors, like yellow, orange, green and white.

Every Napoleon bon bon is individually wrapped in clear plastic so you can see the colorful candy inside before you open the next piece. The wrapper includes a classic logo printed on one side with elegant stripes along each side.

All it takes is a quick twist to reveal the delicious treat and experience super sour flavor. Our bulk Napoleon sour bon bons gives you many candies that are perfect for businesses, guests, special events and party favors.

SKU: U326570

65 pieces per pound

Flavor List

Sour Lemon (yellow) & Assorted (lemon, cherry, tangerine).

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