Pink Chocolate Almonds 5lb

Pink Chocolate Almonds 5lb
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Pink chocolate almonds will add character to any event!

Price per pound: $9.00

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Pink chocolate almonds will add character to any event. If you love the savory taste of fresh almonds and the richness of quality chocolate, then you must this delectable confection! Each includes a whole almond that's smothered in a blanket of milk chocolate.

The surface is covered in a hard candy shell that produces that luxurious pale pink hue. Our colored chocolate almonds are perfect for special occasions. Combine with another color or use along to complement decor at showers, weddings and parties.

They are also an easy way to fill wedding favors or treat bags. Every guest will admire the shiny pink surface almost as much as they enjoy the amazing combination of fresh almond and savory milk chocolate packed into every bite! Bulk chocolate almonds will give you more pieces for big events. You can also use pink chocolate almonds to decorate gingerbread houses, cakes, cookies, cupcakes and other baked goods!

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