Rainbow Unicorn Pops 10-inch - 72ct

Rainbow Unicorn Pops 10-inch - 72ct CandyStore.com
  • $219.99

Ten inches of swirled rainbow lollipop goodness.

Length: 10-inches including the stick.

Price per pop: $3.06

Product Details

Rainbow Unicorn Pops are full of fun color and sweet taste. This isn't your typical lollipop. When you want a long lasting hard candy, our Unicorn Pops are a great choice!

Instead of a round shape, these sturdy lollys include a thick length of hard candy that's twisted tightly to form a spiral shape that's long, just like a mythical unicorn horn! This version includes delightful stripes of colors that range from red, orange and yellow to green, purple and blue.

Each Unicorn Pop arrives individually packaged in a clear wrapper with a disposable stick. Grab a handful and display them in a vase or jar or set them beside table settings for guests at dinner events. Our bulk Unicorn Pops are convenient for birthday parties, holidays and other gatherings! Hand them out to Trick or Treaters on Halloween or keep a package at home so your family has a flavorful candy to enjoy.

SKU: U319668

Length: 10-inches including the stick.

Price per pop: $3.06

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