Sixlets Carton - 24ct

Sixlets Carton - 24ct
  • $90.99

Enjoy your Sixlets the convenient way: in a carton!

11 ounces per carton

Price per unit: $3.79

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Enjoy your Sixlets the convenient way: in a carton! Original Sixlets are a popular confection that was introduced back in the 1960s. Each piece includes a small orb of carob and cocoa.

The smooth middle is surrounded by a thin candy shell in brown, red, orange, green or yellow. No matter which color you choose, every bite is rich and sweet. Satisfy your sweet tooth with the malted taste of this well-known candy!

Bulk Sixlets are a must-have for parties and events. Our carton size gives you more pieces in a sturdy container that's easy to store and share. Keep on a shelf then simply open the flap and pour into dishes or candy jars.

Buy a Sixlets carton for casual snacking at home or use them to decorate cakes, make fun party favors or to fill up your dessert table or candy buffet! Everyone will reach for the chocolaty taste of original Sixlets candy!

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11 ounces per carton

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