Sour Gummi Classic Cola Bottles Candy - 6.6lb

Sour Gummi Classic Cola Bottles Candy - 6.6lb
  • $45.99

Deliciously sour gummy candy with classic cola flavor, cleverly coated with a sour sugar for a unique taste experience.

69 pieces per pound (455 total)

Price per pound: $6.97

Product Details

Each piece of sour gummy Coke bottles includes a traditional glass bottle shape with a narrow neck and wide, flat bottom. The top is a soft white while the bottom fades into a cola brown hue. Each piece is smothered in a coating of sugar granules for even more delicious texture!

If you love drinking soda pop, imagine how delicious it will be when you can chew it! These bottles are a classic candy with fizzy personality. Bulk gummy Coke bottles are a must-have for any celebration or gathering. Keep a pack at home to serve guests who stop by. Take them on picnics or add to your next candy buffet.

Everyone loves the chewy taste of gummy candy, especially when they also get the pleasant fizz of soda pop with it! Add to kids birthday favors or use them as an easy snack on busy days. Our high quality gummy bottles arrive fresh and ready to eat!

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69 pieces per pound (455 total)

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