Sugar Free Taffy - 3lb Assorted

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72 pieces per pound (216 total)

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In a taffy assortment of sugar free colors and flavors, you can munch on as many as you'd like without any of the guilt. Sweets that stick to your teeth make even the nicest dentist shake their finger at you. Why not please your palate and your dental hygienist at the same time with this Sugar Free Taffy?Stock yourself up for the summertime when taffy is meant to be devoured. This Sugar Free Taffy will keep you going and going with its huge supply. Take some in a cooler to the beach with friends, add a handful to your purse to take to the pool with the kiddos, even keep some around the house to snack on during a hot day. This Sugar Free Taffy is delicious at any time.

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: F317420

72 pieces per pound (216 total)

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