Super Blow Pop Sweet & Sour - 48ct

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Sweet and sour combo flavors in these Super Blow Pops from Charms!

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Product Details

These Super Blow Pops are two-faced, with one side of delicious, sweet fruity flavor and the other packed with a puckering sour punch, we don't think that's necessarily a bad thing at all! These Super Sweet & Sour Blow Pops will give you the best of both worlds sour and sweet.

SKU: O361100

Flavor List

Super Blow Pops in these flavor combinations
Sweet Blue Raspberry + Sour Lemon
Sweet Banana + Sour Apple
Sweet Cherry + Sour Limeade
Sweet Grape + Sour Pineapple
Sweet Peach + Sour Watermelon
Sweet Strawberry + Sour Strawberry Lemonade

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