Most Popular Halloween Candy by State [Interactive Map]

State-by-State Ranking of Favorite Halloween Candy
Top 3 Halloween Candies from Each State
Using 13 Years Bulk Candy Sales Data
Updated Sept 2020

Sept 23, 2020 By Ben George

Kids trick-or-treating this year will be putting their health and their families' on the line for this stuff. So, you better get it right. To help you make the right purchases, we gathered 13 years of data for this map of 2020's Most Popular Halloween Candy in the US by state.

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Most Popular Halloween Candy State-by-State

It’s a weird year for Halloween and trick-or-treating. Different areas are in different states of covid-19 cases either expanding or contracting. We at recommend you monitor your local situation and follow health guidelines if you plan to trick-or-treat. And wear an effective mask, not just a costume mask, please.

According to the National Retail Federation, trick-or-treaters are expected to be down 20% this year. That said, only 11% fewer people plan to hand out candy.  I’m no math expert, but 11 is less than 20. So, there might be more candy per house to capture!  Right?

Halloween candy sales are expected to reach $2.4 Billion, only down slightly from $2.6B last year. No matter how you look at it, that’s a lot of candy!

The map above reveals the results of our annual data mining, the top 3 most popular Halloween candies in each state. Hover over your state to see the goods. (Apologies, it’s not interactive on mobile devices).

Do your state’s choices surprise you? The top Halloween candy in your state are not always what you think they were. Salt water taffy and Hot Tamales performed much better than some expected, for example.

For over 13 years, we’ve been delivering bulk candy around the country. As bulk candy retailers and distributors, we’ve got a lot of candy sales data to comb through. Including some we shipped to New York in recent years…

Today Show

Hoda and Kathy Lee loved our map!

We have seen a lot of surprising favorites and least favorites over the years. That’s why working with unbiased data is so much fun. We looked at 13 years of sales data (2007-2019), looking in particular at the months leading up to Halloween. We sell nationwide (and to Canada) so we broke down our sales by state. We also have relationships with major candy manufacturers and distributors – all of whom contributed and helped us reach our conclusions.

Then we charted the best sellers in every state for Halloween. And we present it to you in the above retro 1980s sci-fi interactive map of the most popular Halloween candy. If you’d like to see the nationwide winners, we made a graphic for that too:


Top Ten Halloween Candy in America

As mentioned above, the National Retail Federation is estimating that shoppers will spend $2.4 billion on Halloween candy.

As you might expect, consumer confidence is down quite a bit (-15%) this year, fueled mostly by uncertainty surrounding covid-19 vaccination outlook and the presidential election.

It’s 2020, baby. Anything can happen.

Industry research showed in 2015 that online candy sales were increasing by 15 percent. People are realizing they can save time and money – and not risk covid-19 exposure – by skipping the store and purchasing from the comfort of their home. But will you buy the right candy?

Have a look at the candy your state loves. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

State by State Data Table

StateTop CandyPounds2nd PlacePounds3rd PlacePounds
AKTwix4908Milky Way4072Blow Pops3988
ALCandy Corn115269Starburst111280Skittles98771
ARJolly Ranchers228645Butterfinger201845Skittles76353
AZHot Tamales751772Hershey Kisses732991Snickers682562
CASkittles1509827Reese's Cups1059223M&M's1009388
COHershey Kisses129826Twix127840Milky Way107636
CTMilky Way2987Almond Joy2278M&M's1582
DCM&M's27546Tootsie Pops24725Blow Pops19827
DESkittles21336Life Savers16703Candy Corn11987
FLSkittles598285Reese's Cups501926Starburst410029
GASwedish Fish145827Jolly Ranchers124872Reese's Cups92746
HISkittles28091Hershey's Mini Bars25783Butterfinger20974
IAM&M's67829Reese's Cups59726Candy Corn48352
IDStarburst90284Snickers68546Candy Corn39876
ILSour Patch Kids175867Kit Kat139723Starburst121845
INStarburst99725Hot Tamales95638Jolly Ranchers75208
KSReese's Cups229857M&M's213784Snickers189736
KYSwedish Fish75254Reese's Cups50272Hot Tamales33748
LALemonheads115789Blow Pops101889Reese's Cups82675
MASour Patch Kids70772Butterfinger72838Dubble Bubble Gum47282
MDReese's Cups36887Hershey Kisses30423Milky Way24817
MESour Patch Kids59873Starburst51899Candy Corn33776
MICandy Corn115269Starburst111280Skittles98771
MNSkittles190827Tootsie Pops178092Candy Corn120938
MOMilky Way45221Almond Joy36782Dubble Bubble Gum36772
MS3 Musketeers95727Snickers94772Butterfinger68683
MTDubble Bubble Gum29773Twix21863M&M's16729
NCReese's Cups85779Snickers84322M&M's78772
NDCandy Corn61837Hot Tamales56745Jolly Ranchers49883
NESour Patch Kids98486Salt Water Taffy89734Twix35620
NHM&M's69692Starburst59822Jolly Ranchers35775
NJTootsie Pops141782M&M's137992Skittles130098
NMJolly Ranchers80092Candy Corn74637Milky Way60829
NVHershey Kisses310974Hot Tamales286464Candy Corn219836
NYSour Patch Kids150325Hot Tamales142677Candy Corn65820
OHBlow Pops170236M&M's156773Starburst140772
OKDubble Bubble Gum19232Skittles14990Snickers12109
ORM&M's89772Reese's Cups80726Candy Corn60827
PAHershey's Mini Bars275617Skittles249827M&M's182093
RITwix17827M&M's15627Candy Corn12363
SCButterfinger119664Skittles113847Candy Corn70838
SDStarburst26371Jolly Ranchers19217Candy Corn13826
TNTootsie Pops55627Salt Water Taffy48888Skittles38991
TXStarburst984627Reese's Cups972849Sour Patch Kids659870
UTJolly Ranchers413099Tootsie Pops260378Candy Corn240993
VASnickers165255Hot Tamales150993Tootsie Pops99009
VTSkittles34670M&M's24536Milky Way19909
WATootsie Pops205882Salt Water Taffy180722Skittles90828
WIStarburst110827Butterfinger98272Hot Tamales63829
WVHershey's Mini Bars39812Blow Pops38747Milky Way32884
WYSalt Water Taffy25864Reese's Cups24790Dubble Bubble Gum18776


So, what candy do people in your area like? If you get the wrong thing, the consequences could be dire. The inverse of treat is trick, as we all know. Streaming TP from your tree limbs? Ok hopefully kids in your neighborhood wouldn’t do that. But the adults might :|

So how did we do? Did your personal favorite match your state?

Leave a comment and let us know!


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  1. Stu Artmonde says

    “We sell to all 50 states – plus Canada – so we broke down our sales by state.”

    Where’s the breakdown by province?

  2. Halloween Knight says

    Awesome map! I hope you make this an annual thing. I am sharing this to see what my friends in different states will say. :)

  3. Brad Wimmer says

    Let’s remember ‘most popular’ candy isn’t the same as ‘favorite candy’ because many of these #1’s (I’m looking at your candy corn, Alabama) are candies that are purchased to give out to trick-or-treaters and many are on a budget so they go with the most affordable option to give away. Trust me, every kid in Birmingham would prefer a Reese’s over candy corn. Every. Single. One. LoL

  4. Michael James Cappello says

    Hot Tamales may be the rage for NY City. There is a whole lot more to New York than New York City. I wish they would have done due diligence and surveyed the rest of the state. Then again candy corn is the third place in NY State. Please. Go ahead and give the kiddies candy corn and Hot Tamales. See what happens to your house.

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