Pastel Paradise Easter Dessert Buffet


It all started so innocently. "Let's build a dessert buffet for our office Easter Party,"_x009d_ we said. "We've never done one before and it will be a great way to inspire the fans of our blog this holiday,"_x009d_ we said.

We've covered so many candy buffets and dessert tables since this blog began that we figured making one of our own, especially for a candy-centric holiday like Easter, was a natural next step. So we gathered some apothecary jars and Easter grass and got to work. Two hours later, it was pretty clear that we went a little overboard. The good news in this case, though, is that overboard is totally awesome – maybe not for your arteries, but definitely for your taste buds.

In the space of a single afternoon, we were able to convert a humble serving table into a cornucopia of pastel sugar. Let's take a closer look, shall we?


The centerpiece of our buffet was this magnificent double-decker Strawberry Cake from Ooh La La Sweets in Houston. We know what you're thinking and yes, it tasted even better than it looked.


We also commissioned these neat pastel cupcakes from Ooh La La as well. They didn't stand a chance once the guests arrived.


To complement the cake and cupcakes, we filled miniature Easter baskets with pastel M&Ms.


We also filled two large wicker Easter baskets with plastic eggs… which were themselves all filled with a variety of Easter-themed chocolates and candies. Seriously, we have a problem.


Here's another glamor shot, because you know you love it.


For our background candy, we stuffed the bottoms of apothecary jars with Easter grass and empty plastic eggs. Then we filled them with Hershey's Eggs and even more pastel M&Ms.


Since we had the eggs and baskets aspect of Easter pretty well covered, we decided to round out our table with some bouquets of these cool Daisy Pops.


To decorate our Easter Dessert Table, we used a gingham-print picnic table cloth and some cool pink floral cutout things we found at a local craft store. We sprinkled Easter-themed cardboard cutouts on the tabletop and finished everything off with two traditional Easter trees.


In the end, this was a really fun project that more than satisfied the collective sweet tooth of our guests. We learned a lot of things from our Easter Candy Buffet – like how much chocolate our blog team can consume in one sitting (it's more than you think… ugh…) and how easy it is to set up an awesome green or purple candy buffet with a little bit of money and a smidge of creativity. Hopefully, you'll be able to use this dessert table as inspiration to create your own awesome candy buffet for Easter. We'd love to see what you come up with, so make sure you send us some pictures of your projects!

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Hoppy Trails,

The Team

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