Themed Candy Wedding Buffet Designs

One of the most spectacular candy wedding buffets I have seen lately is a winter wonderland themed candy buffet. The wedding couple chose a variety of light blue and white rock candies which included white and blue rock candy swizzle sticks, pretzel sticks dipped in white candy and sprinkled with light blue candy sprinkles, blue and white candy cane sticks and of course white candy mints. Each candy type was displayed in a different glass container with the smaller candy buffet jars (and candy) placed in front of the larger containers. A light blue table runner with silver trim completed the look and the effect was stunning.

This candy buffet was for a small intimate wedding and the selection and size of the candy buffet reflected this. A larger function would want to include a greater variety of candy and possibly some additional splashes of color. Some suggestions for other excellent wedding candy choices might be silver candy, black candy or variegated shades of blue candy. Of course if the wedding is color themed the candy buffet can made to suit. Alternatively a creative bride and groom could add subtle color by using blown glass and white candy or by using a table runner that will tie together the colors of the candy.

Wedding color trends for 2011 have the top 6 wedding colors to be turquoise, coral, black & white, yellow, fuchsia and deep red. Even though some of these colors are quite bold there is no reason that the wedding candy buffet cannot be accommodated to suit the color theme. Some suggestions for wedding buffets using this years hottest bridal colors are:

Turquoise: berry blue Jelly Belly's, aqua M&Ms, gummy butterflies, and turquoise rock candy sticks. Use blue tinged display glass and a turquoise runner to bring together the varying shades.

Coral: a spectacular coral candy buffet will include orange Sixlets candy, peaches and cream gumballs, orange M&Ms, cotton candy jelly belly's and chocolate apricots. Complement the coral colored candy with a classy beige or brown table runner.

Black & White: this was probably the most popular color theme of 2010 which shows no sign of decreasing popularity. The options for black and white candy buffets are numerous and can be created to be elegant, frivolous or both. Some candy choices for this buffet include, white wedding mints, black tie Jordan almonds and gummi penguins. Use clear curved glass for originality and a black table runner for style.

Yellow: yellow is fun and the candy buffet should reflect this couples sense of playfulness. Choose banana heads, yellow M&Ms, smile pops and yellow Sixlets candy to create shape and color for your candy buffet. Go with a black or white table runner so not to overwhelm the yellow.

Fuchsia: dark pink M&Ms, hot pink Sixlets candy and multi-color chocolate lips will create a fuchsia candy spectacle that will have your guests talking. If you have a larger buffet, add fuchsia milk chocolate long stemmed roses and pink foil peach hard candies. Make the statement even bolder with a red table runner.

Deep Red: red is the color of love so this candy buffet must have cinnamon imperial hearts as well as red foil cherry hard candy, red chocolate cherries candy and red milk chocolate hearts. Red is a great combination color and any table runner shade will enhance the appeal of a red candy buffet.

Anyone who has been to a wedding with a candy buffet dessert table will tell you it was a highlight of the wedding reception. Add to that, it is a simple dessert to organize, it is less expensive than most other dessert tables and it can be themed to match the wedding colors. A candy buffet can be presented in a style that reflects the wedding couples personality. These make it the perfect dessert, and centerpiece, for every wedding.

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