The Candy Buffet Company’s Amazing Bulk Candy Art

There is something really special about a candy buffet at a wedding. It elevates your special day to have a mystical and magical feel. But if you screw it up, or just don’t do it the right way, it can cause major problems. Claire from The Candy Buffet company recently gave some great advice in.

Vintage Candy Buffet Design

We are always trying to show you the best candy buffet designs out there. Some of them are simple and elegant and easy to put together on your own. Others are elaborate and ornate with props and special favors and generally blow the minds of all their guests. This is one of those.

Atlantic City Candy Buffet Candyland Makes New Jersey Proud

Citizens of New Jersey can be proud to say they have seen one of the most elaborate candy buffets of the year in the latest Bat Mitzvah celebration held in Atlantic City recently. An all-out affair with a red carpet entrance, paparazzi and even professional impersonators of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry (!) was held.

Themed Candy Wedding Buffet Designs

Anyone who has been to a wedding with a candy buffet dessert table will tell you it was a highlight of the wedding reception. Add to that, it is a simple dessert to organize, it is less expensive than most other dessert tables and it can be themed to match the wedding colors. A candy buffet can be presented in a style that reflects the wedding couples personality. These make it the perfect dessert, and centrepiece, for every wedding.

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