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NECCO Candies Are Coming Back. Or Are They?

After NECCO shut down, no one knew if the candy woud ever come back. Here is the status of Necco candies and where they went after the Necco bankruptcy.

Can Duck Soup Make Sky Bars Fly Again?

The breakup of Necco last year was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Several prized candy brands would be up for sale. Candy makers across the country lined up to bid on brands like Necco Wafers, SweetHearts, Clark Bars, Candy Buttons and other brands rooted in candy history. Not Sky Bars though. Nobody wanted Sky Bars.

Candy Buttons Are First NECCO Candy to Return, Thanks to Doscher’s

Of all the Necco brands that went on to new homes, Candy Buttons have found their footing fastest. New owner, new packaging, a new (very old) house and more!

Doscher’s Candy Co Acquires Béquet Confections

Doscher's has acquired the rights to the former Necco brand Candy House Candy Buttons, moved to a new mixed-use headquarters on the property of a renovated 1835 house in the Cincinnati suburbs, and purchased Béquet.

Where are the SweetHearts?!

As SweetHearts sit this one out, conversation hearts candies are likely to be will be dethroned as top Valentine's Day candy in 2019. 80% drop expected.

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