The Rowdiest States for St. Patrick’s Day in America State-by-State {interactive}

All you lassies and laddies ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? You bet your arse we sure are! That’s because we love any excuse for fun, celebration, and sweet treats—and the fact that "Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!" If you live in one of the states we’ve determined to have the rowdiest on St. Paddy’s—based on...

Why Candy Won’t Ruin Your New Year’s Weight Loss Plan

The word "diet" makes us frown because it’s synonymous with deprivation, hanger, and missing out. Plus, when done incorrectly, diets are actually a big waste of time. Psychology Today reports that 95 percent of those who engage in deprivation diets gain the weight back within two years because instead of making lifestyle changes, people temporarily cut out certain...

How Much Exercise Would You Do For Your Favorite Candy? [interactive]

It’s a new year which means new resolutions and the most popular one in the U.S. is to lose weight. But just because you’re on a mission to lower your BMI, get more exercise, or cut down on sugar doesn’t mean your sweet tooth should completely disappear. That’s why we’ve put together this calculator to

Master These 7 Quick Meals for Busy Weeks

Once the fall begins, kids are back in school, sports resume and days are packed with activities, homework and full time jobs, it can be difficult to make time to prepare yummy meals. In order to stay on top of breakfast, lunch and dinner, here are some of the tips, tricks and recipes we’ve found to be

8 Easy Sunny Summer Treats You Can Make Together

Hip, hip, hooray! The longest day of the year is finally here and with it comes picnics, fireworks, tan lines and the beach vacations we all love and look forward to. If you’re a self-proclaimed heliophile, we’ll help you worship the warmer weather and sunny skies with your own sweet tribute. Try these eight adorable summertime.

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