The Best Jelly Bean Flavors 2024

State-by-State Ranking of Favorite Jelly Beans
Top 3 Jelly Bean Flavors from Each State
15 Years Bulk Candy Sales Data + Over 9,000 People Surveyed
Updated March 2024

March 15, 2024 By Ben George

It's jelly bean season again. With Easter and National Jelly Bean Day (April 22nd) approaching, we're excited to reveal the latest favorites in jelly bean flavors for 2024.
Wondering which are the best jelly bean flavors according your state this year? We've got all the sweet details ready for you. Dive into this year's list of the most beloved jelly bean flavors across the U.S. and see how tastes have changed.

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Best Jelly Bean Flavors: America's Top Picks

April turns into jelly bean central thanks to Easter and National Jelly Bean Day sharing the spotlight. It's like the whole month is dedicated to celebrating these tiny, flavorful candies.

Yeah Easter is technically in March this year. Just barely though. 

Unlike the love-or-hate vibe of candy corn in fall, jelly beans skate by without causing much of a stir. But, don't let that fool you—the real talk is all about flavor. With a rainbow of choices, from the sweet simplicity of cherry to the bold kick of cinnamon, everyone's got their own jelly bean jam.

It's fascinating to see how diverse tastes can be. Some folks can't get enough of the buttered popcorn flavor, making it a surprise hit, while licorice jelly beans stir up a bit of that candy corn-style debate.

A peek at the map shows just how scattered our jelly bean loves are across the board. And how dark the best jelly beans are this year!

Jelly Beans: The Easter Essential

Come Easter, over 16 billion jelly beans eaten. That's a whole lot of jelly beans, proving these little guys are a big deal this time of year.

Even though National Jelly Bean Day on April 22nd doesn't seem to shake up sales by itself, jelly beans are synonymous with Easter and spring. It's like everyone's got jelly beans on the brain, making them the go-to snack of the season. Talk about bulk candy!

List of Jelly Bean Flavors By State

Looking at over 16 years of candy sales data from our candy store as well as partner distributors and manufacturers, as well as the results from over 9,000 survey responses, we were able to map out jelly bean flavor preferences by state as well as overall nationwide rankings.

The interactive map above illustrates each states favorite jelly bean flavor. Hover over a state to reveal the top 3 most popular in that state. The results are not specific to any one brand of jelly bean.

See the full list of top 3 best flavors for each state in table format HERE if you prefer browsing that way.

Best Jelly Bean Flavors Nationwide

This year's jelly bean flavor rankings reveal a fascinating trend: darker-colored jelly beans are reigning supreme.

Topping the charts is the ever-controversial Black Licorice, closely followed by other rich, deep flavors like Buttered Popcorn, Cinnamon, and Root Beer. These results, highlighted in the lovely image at the article's beginning, showcase a collective shift towards bold and distinctive tastes.

#1 Black Licorice - New Winner!

Black Licorice has made a triumphant return to the throne, climbing back to the #1 spot after a few years of playing second fiddle.

Once the reigning champion, it slipped down to #3, then inched its way up to #2 last year. Now, it's back on top, proving that its unique, somewhat divisive flavor can still win hearts (and taste buds) across the country.

While it's a flavor that splits the crowd down the middle, the lovers of black licorice jelly beans are passionate enough to vault it back to the pinnacle of jelly bean favoritism, outshining the perennial favorite, cherry.

This dark horse of the jelly bean world shows that even the most controversial flavors can lead the pack.

#2 Buttered Popcorn

Last year's champion, Buttered Popcorn, with its savory, butter-laden taste, finds itself in the spotlight yet again, this time securing the #2 spot, just a kernel's throw away from the top.

This flavor, evoking the essence of movie nights and salty snacks, continues to divide opinions sharply. Yet, its distinctive taste and aroma have garnered enough fans to keep it firmly at the forefront of America's jelly bean preferences, proving its undeniable appeal. It's a tight race at the top, but Buttered Popcorn holds its ground with undeniable gusto.

#3 Cinnamon

Hovering at #3 for another year, Cinnamon holds its ground firmly in the jelly bean rankings. This fiery contender has blazed its way up the charts, maintaining a strong position among America's favorite flavors. As part of the growing trend for spicy candies, cinnamon jelly beans have ignited a fervor for flavors that pack a punch.

With the top spots dominated by flavors that defy the sweet and fruity norm, it's clear that tastes are evolving. Cinnamon, with its bold and spicy bite, exemplifies this shift, making it a standout choice for those seeking a little extra warmth in their candy consumption. It's a testament to the spicy trend that continues to heat up the candy world, proving that cinnamon's fiery charm is more than just a flash in the pan. 

#4 Root Beer

Fizzing its way further up the charts, Root Beer has bubbled up to #4 this year, after refreshing its position from #6 last year. This classic, nostalgic flavor has made impressive strides, climbing a total of 9 spots in just 4 years. Now closer to the top, it's showing that it has the gusto to challenge even the most beloved flavors.

With its rich, sarsaparilla-infused taste, Root Beer is proving to be a formidable contender against traditional fruity favorites. Its ascent reflects a growing appetite for unique, nostalgic flavors that offer a taste of the past. Root Beer's rise is a clear sign that classic tastes are making a significant comeback in the jelly bean world.

#5 Cherry

Cherry jelly beans, the timeless classic of the jelly bean world, have experienced a slight dip to #5 this year, from their previous #4 spot. For decades, this vibrant, sweet flavor reigned supreme, but recent shifts in flavor preferences have nudged it slightly off its throne.

Even in a landscape increasingly dominated by savory and spicy contenders, Cherry's enduring popularity is a testament to its legacy. It remains a standout among sweet, fruity options, holding its own with grace. As trends evolve, Cherry's place in the jelly bean hierarchy may fluctuate, but its iconic status and beloved taste keep it in the mix, always a contender for the top spots.

#6 Watermelon

Slipping from its previous high of #5 to #6 this year, Watermelon has seen a slight decline in its sweet ascent. Last year's surge to the upper ranks demonstrated its nationwide appeal, paralleling Cherry in its sugary delight. However, this year's slight dip might hint at the competitive ebb and flow within the jelly bean market's sweet sector.

The journey of Watermelon jelly beans reflects the dynamic shifts in preference, even among the sweeter flavors. It remains to be seen if this beloved summery taste can regain momentum or if it will stabilize in the midst of savory and spicy favorites dominating the scene.

#7 Juicy Pear

Holding steady at #7, Juicy Pear continues to enchant as a modern classic among jelly bean aficionados. Its rapid ascent to popularity is a testament to its broad appeal, managing to capture the top spot in states like Vermont, Wyoming, and Washington. This refreshingly sweet flavor combines the essence of ripe pears with the fun of jelly beans, proving that newer entries can stand tall alongside traditional favorites.

#8 Coffee

Perking up from last year's #9 to #8, Coffee continues its impressive climb in the jelly bean ranks. After a caffeine-fueled leap from #16, making it the most notable jump of the year, Coffee flavors have found a cozy spot in the top ten. This flavor's success mirrors the ever-growing love for coffee itself, with America's coffee consumption at an all-time high.

From latte to espresso, the variety within Coffee flavored jelly beans caters to a wide array of coffee aficionados, securing its place not just in mugs but in the hearts of jelly bean lovers too. Its sustained presence in the top ten is a testament to the lasting appeal of coffee's rich, aromatic essence.

#9 Blueberry

Taking a slight tumble from #8 to #9 this year, Blueberry jelly beans have seen a bit of a shuffle in their ranking. Originally concocted to add a burst of blue to patriotic red, white, and blue themes, Blueberry has been a sweet favorite for its color and flavor. Despite the small dip in its position, it remains a go-to choice for adding a pop of color to events and a fruity kick to jelly bean mixes. This berry-flavored bean's journey reflects the competitive nature of sweet flavors in the jelly bean world, but its appeal remains strong among those who favor classic fruit tastes.

#10 Sour

Sour has zested its way into the top ten, climbing from #12 to grab the #10 spot this year. Previously hovering just outside the limelight, sour jelly beans have shown that a tangy twist is what many candy lovers are craving. Gaining top flavor status in states like New York and Nebraska highlights the widespread appeal of sour candies. This ascent into the top ranks showcases a growing enthusiasm for flavors that pack a piquant punch, proving that jelly bean fans are eager for tastes that challenge the palate and invigorate the senses.

Here's a quick look at the full Top Ten in table format:

Rank Top 10 Best Jelly Bean Flavors
1 Black Licorice
2 Buttered Popcorn
3 Cinnamon
4 Root Beer
5 Cherry
6 Watermelon
7 Juicy Pear
8 Coffee
9 Blueberry
10 Sour


As we wrap up this year's colorful tour through America's jelly bean preferences, it's clear that our tastes are as diverse as the flavors themselves. From the dark, complex notes of Black Licorice to the zesty tang of Sour, the rankings reveal a nation of contrasting palates.

Whether you're a fan of the classics or eager to explore the more unconventional tastes, there's no denying the joy these small candies bring to people of all ages. As we continue to enjoy these sweet, sour, and savory jelly beans, let's look forward to the surprises and delights that next year's favorites might bring.

After all, the world of jelly beans is a vibrant mosaic of flavors, each waiting to be discovered and savored. Enjoy!

Full List of Best Jelly Bean Flavors by State

State Top Flavor 2024 #2 2024 #3 2024
Alabama Watermelon Juicy Pear Black Licorice
Alaska Black Licorice Root Beer Cherry
Arizona Cinnamon Buttered Popcorn Juicy Pear
Arkansas Root Beer Buttered Popcorn Black Licorice
California Black Licorice Buttered Popcorn Cinnamon
Colorado Buttered Popcorn Root Beer Black Licorice
Connecticut Cherry Buttered Popcorn Juicy Pear
Delaware Cinnamon Toasted Marshmallow Buttered Popcorn
Florida Coffee Juicy Pear Watermelon
Georgia Black Licorice Buttered Popcorn Root Beer
Hawaii Cherry Watermelon Grape
Idaho Orange Buttered Popcorn Root Beer
Illinois Chocolate Black Licorice Grape
Indiana Blueberry Black Licorice Watermelon
Iowa Buttered Popcorn Cherry Grape
Kansas Black Licorice Cinnamon Watermelon
Kentucky Black Licorice Cinnamon Strawberry
Louisiana Green Apple Buttered Popcorn Juicy Pear
Maine Root Beer Cherry Black Licorice
Maryland Root Beer Cherry Buttered Popcorn
Massachusetts Coconut Bubblegum Watermelon
Michigan Black Licorice Green Apple Buttered Popcorn
Minnesota Buttered Popcorn Root Beer Black Licorice
Mississippi Pink Strawberry Watermelon Buttered Popcorn
Missouri Coffee Buttered Popcorn Orange
Montana Black Licorice Cotton Candy Cinnamon
Nebraska Sour Black Licorice Blueberry
Nevada Coffee Cinnamon Coconut
New Hampshire Watermelon Juicy Pear Grape
New Jersey Black Licorice Peach Cherry
New Mexico Cherry Cinnamon Watermelon
New York Sour Buttered Popcorn Juicy Pear
North Carolina Black Licorice Grape Cinnamon
North Dakota Buttered Popcorn Cinnamon Black Licorice
Ohio Buttered Popcorn Black Licorice Cinnamon
Oklahoma Coffee Green Apple Toasted Marshmallow
Oregon Watermelon Sour Black Licorice
Pennsylvania Black Licorice Buttered Popcorn Blueberry
Rhode Island Blueberry Buttered Popcorn Pink Strawberry
South Carolina Root Beer Cherry Black Licorice
South Dakota Root Beer Cinnamon Pink Strawberry
Tennessee Black Licorice Juicy Pear Blueberry
Texas Buttered Popcorn Cinnamon Black Licorice
Utah Black Licorice Root Beer Banana
Vermont Juicy Pear Orange Island Punch
Virginia Cinnamon Watermelon Buttered Popcorn
Washington Juicy Pear Orange Pink Strawberry
Washington, D.C. Cherry Black Licorice Cinnamon
West Virginia Blueberry Buttered Popcorn Cinnamon
Wisconsin Cotton Candy Root Beer Watermelon
Wyoming Juicy Pear Cinnamon Cotton Candy

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