The WORST Easter Candy (and the Best) 2024

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March 15, 2024 By Ben George

Easter morning is like hitting the jackpot for kids, with baskets full of candy that make it feel almost as cool as Christmas. But, heads up—choosing the right candies is key because not everything that was awesome last year still holds up. Check out our 2024 Easter Candy Guide. We've got the lowdown on what's hot and what's not, making sure those baskets are full of nothing but crowd-pleasers.

Best vs Worst Easter Candy? Not So Simple

When it comes to choosing Easter candy, we all obviously aim for what we think will be the best. It seems straightforward, right? Cadbury's should be a hit, and jelly beans are a no-brainer. But, as we've discovered, it's not always that simple.

Even traditional favorites require a second look. For instance, while Cadbury's Mini Eggs continue to charm, their Creme Eggs have lost some luster. And those jelly beans you're eyeing for the egg hunt? There's more to them than meets the eye.

To guide you through the minefield of Easter candy selection, we've surveyed an extensive 9,000 customers. Our goal? To unveil the definitive list of the Worst Easter candies and to tell you which are the Best as well.

The Sweet and Sour of Easter Candy Spending

Easter isn't just another holiday; it's a candy buying spree.

Easter spending historically surpasses Halloween, making it a significant event for candy sales. Depending on which study you reference, Easter might even outdo the spooky season in terms of candy consumption. It's the sleeper hit of holiday sweets.

Candy Sales by Holiday Chart Data

Projected Easter spending for this year is expected to reach $22.4 billion, according to the NRF. Though slightly below last year's record of $24 billion, this figure remains impressively high, indicating the holiday's continued importance as a time of renewal and celebration for many Americans.

Interestingly, even among those who don't actively celebrate Easter, a significant 33% will still indulge in buying Easter candy. This speaks volumes about the allure of the season's confections.

However, not all Easter candies are created equal.

Through our survey feedback, we've identified which candy you've lovingly embraced and which ones have left you put it politely. As we've seen before, discussing the least favorite candies can stir up passionate responses, revealing deeply held preferences and aversions.

During our Easter season surveys, we asked a whole lot of people about their favorite and least favorite Easter candy. We got 9,000 responses. The results, as well as some of the respondents' optional comments are included below.

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Here we go:

The 10 Worst Easter Candies

10. Generic Jelly Beans

Old Generic Jelly Beans Worst Easter Candy

What it is:

Generic Jelly Beans are a classic Easter candy that comes in a variety of colors and flavors. These jelly beans are often found in large bags and are a popular choice for Easter egg hunts.

Movement from last year:

No change (stayed #10)

Explanation of movement:

Generic Jelly Beans have maintained their position as the least worst of the worst Easter candies. While some people enjoy the nostalgic taste of these jelly beans, others find them overly sweet and artificial-tasting.

Their consistent rank may be due to the fact that they are a traditional Easter candy that is widely available and has a relatively mild flavor compared to other items on the list.

Survey responder quotes:

  • "Generic Jelly Beans are just okay. They're not my favorite, but they're not terrible either." - Sarah, 32

  • "I always end up eating a few of these during Easter, but they're not really something I look forward to." - Michael, 28

  • "The flavors in these jelly beans are pretty artificial, but I don't mind them as much as some of the other candies on the list." - Emily, 21

  • "I think they're a staple for Easter, but I wouldn't miss them if they weren't there." - Mark, 41

9. Oreo Creme Eggs

Oreo Creme Eggs Easter

Oreo Creme Eggs differentiate themselves from the traditional Cadbury's Creme Eggs by incorporating the iconic flavor of Oreo cookies into their filling. These eggs blend the creamy texture of their filling with crunchy bits of Oreo, aiming for a balance between novelty and nostalgia.

Despite their unique take on the Easter creme egg tradition, their consistency and flavor haven't propelled them to the popularity levels of their Cadbury counterparts.

While attempting to stand out, Oreo Creme Eggs face criticism for their eating experience. The less runny, Oreo-filled center offers a distinct texture compared to the gooeyness of a Cadbury's Creme Egg, which can be both a hit and miss among Easter candy enthusiasts.

Movement from last year:

Dropped from #5 to #9

Explanation of movement:

This year, the Oreo Creme Eggs have slipped to #9 on the list, suggesting a decline in their lack of appeal or perhaps the rise of other worse Easter treats.

Their movement down the list may reflect the challenge of living up to the iconic status of traditional Easter candies or adjusting to consumer expectations for unique but satisfying Easter confections.

Survey responder quotes:

  • "I love Oreos and was intrigued by these eggs, but the combination didn't wow me as much as I hoped." - Alex, 31

  • "It's a fun concept, but they're a bit awkward to eat. Not quite what I expect from an Easter egg." - Dani, 26

  • "They're okay, but I miss the classic creme egg experience. These are just not the same." - Chris, 38

  • "I'll stick to regular creme eggs." - Jamie, 43

8. Sour Patch White Chocolate Rabbit (Solid)

Sour Patch Kids White Chocolate Bunny

The Sour Patch White Chocolate Rabbit takes the beloved sour-then-sweet flavor of Sour Patch Kids and daringly combines it with solid white chocolate. This Easter, the confectionary world witnesses a bold fusion that challenges the palate, presenting a large, bunny-shaped treat that's as perplexing as it is colorful.

On paper, the idea of mixing tangy, sour sugar with the creamy sweetness of white chocolate might intrigue the adventurous eater. However, in practice, this candy often leaves consumers questioning the nature of culinary harmony, as it straddles the line between innovative and bizarre.

Movement from last year:

Down 1 spot from last year (#6)

Explanation of movement:

It seems that curiosity killed the cat, or in this case, dampened the enthusiasm for the Sour Patch White Chocolate Rabbit. Last year, its novelty might have garnered it some increased ill will, but as the novelty slightly wears off, so does the hatred for this audacious combination. It's a classic case of "just because you can, doesn't mean you should," leaving our sour bunny hopping down a spot this year.

Survey responder quotes:

  • "Who thought mixing sour with white chocolate was a good idea? It's like eating candy with an identity crisis." - Alex, 27

  • "I'm just confused. It's like watching a movie sequel that never needed to happen." - Sam, 30

  • "My taste buds went on a rollercoaster ride, and not the fun kind. More like the one where you regret lining up for it." - Casey, 25

  • "Some experiments are best left in the lab." - Jamie, 38

7. Bubble Gum Eggs

Bubble Gum Eggs

Bubble Gum Eggs are a vibrant nod to the Easter egg tradition, encased in a hard candy shell with a chewy bubble gum center waiting to surprise. These colorful candies are designed to mimic the appearance of real Easter eggs, offering a playful twist that appeals to the eye as much as it does to the taste buds.

While the concept marries the fun of an Easter hunt with the joy of bubble gum, the reality of chewing on something that starts off as a hard candy only to transform into gum can be a bit disconcerting. It's a textural adventure that not everyone signs up for willingly.

Movement from last year:

New to the list this year

Explanation of movement:

Perhaps in an attempt to innovate within the Easter candy spectrum, Bubble Gum Eggs have hatched into the scene, only to be met with mixed reviews. Their entrance to the list could be seen as a testament to the "try anything once" spirit of candy makers and consumers alike.

However, it seems that the novelty of cracking into a candy egg to find bubble gum isn't enough to charm the masses, landing them squarely among the ranks of the questionably delightful.

Survey responder quotes:

  • "It's like finding out your chocolate egg is actually a kale smoothie in disguise. Just why?" - Derrick, 31

  • "My kids were excited until they realized they couldn't eat the whole thing at once because it turned into gum. The novelty wore off quickly." - Patricia, 36

  • "I prefer my eggs and gum to be distinctly separate entities." - Theo, 28

  • "Started as a fun idea." - Gina, 43

6. Chocolate Crosses

Chocolate Crosses Worst Easter Candy

Chocolate Crosses bring a solemn religious symbol into the playful and colorful world of Easter candy. Made from solid chocolate, these candies aim to blend the spiritual significance of Easter with the universal joy of chocolate.

Available in milk, dark, and sometimes white chocolate, they offer a variety of tastes for those looking to reflect on the season's deeper meanings while indulging their sweet tooth.

While some appreciate the melding of faith and flavor, others find the concept a bit too literal, preferring to keep their chocolate in more secular forms. The idea of nibbling on a religious icon can be disconcerting for some, leading to mixed feelings about this particular treat.

Movement from last year:

Down 2 spots from last year

Explanation of movement:

It appears the initial animosity towards Chocolate Crosses might be wearing thin. As consumers continue to navigate the fine line between tradition and taste, the slight descent in rankings doesn't change the growing preference for Easter candies that focus more on fun and less on symbolism.

Survey responder quotes:

  • "I get the intention, but eating a chocolate cross just feels a bit odd to me. I'll stick to bunnies and eggs, thanks." - Julian, 29

  • "Feels too serious for Easter candy." - Kim, 34

  • "A bit too much for a holiday treat." - Amir, 27

  • "I prefer my Easter sweets a little less loaded." - Sofia, 39

5. Solid Chocolate Bunnies

Solid Chocolate Bunny Worst Easter Candy

Solid Chocolate Bunnies are a staple of the Easter candy lineup, embodying the spirit of the holiday with their adorable forms and rich, chocolatey essence. Crafted entirely from chocolate, these bunnies promise a hefty dose of sweetness.

Whether made from dark, milk, or white chocolate, they offer a solid munching experience, unlike their hollow counterparts.

Yet, what seems like a chocolate lover's dream can sometimes turn into a daunting task though. The sheer volume of chocolate in each bunny can be overwhelming, making it a treat that's often left unfinished. While they capture the heart of Easter traditions, their practicality as a snack is questioned by those who prefer their chocolate in more manageable portions.

Movement from last year:

Down 2 spots from last year

Explanation of movement:

The descent of Solid Chocolate Bunnies in the rankings might be attributed to a growing preference for novelty and variety in Easter treats. While still disliked by many, the monolithic munch may be losing ground to even more abominated candy options.

It's possible that the enthusiasm for tackling these chocolate behemoths has waxed a bit.

Survey responder quotes:

  • "It's like running a marathon, but with your stomach." - Chris, 26

  • "They're cute, but after a few bites, I'm over it." - Angela, 30

  • "Solid chocolate bunnies are great in theory, but in practice, they're a commitment I'm not always ready to make." - Elliot, 35

  • "How the Hell am I ever gonna finish that?" - Dani, 22

4. Chocolate-Covered Marshmallow Eggs

Marshmallow Egg Easter Candy

Chocolate-Covered Marshmallow Eggs combine the soft, airy texture of marshmallow with a thin chocolate coating, encapsulated in an egg-shaped treat that's synonymous with Easter.

These candies aim to deliver a burst of sweetness, melding the melt-in-your-mouth sensation of marshmallow with the rich, creamy flavor of chocolate. Packaged in bright, spring colors, they're designed to catch the eye and promise a festive addition to any Easter basket.

However, not everyone is sold on this combination. Some find the texture of the marshmallow too fluffy and the chocolate coating too thin to provide a satisfying chocolate experience. Critics argue that the balance between marshmallow and chocolate doesn't always hit the sweet spot, leaving much to be desired in terms of flavor and texture harmony.

Movement from last year:

New to the list this year

Explanation of movement:

The appearance of Chocolate-Covered Marshmallow Eggs on this year's list might be seen as a reflection of the evolving Easter candy landscape, where traditional favorites are being reevaluated.

While they certainly offer a nod to the holiday's spirit, it seems that for many, the novelty isn't enough to overcome the shortcomings in taste and texture. This trend suggests a growing desire for quality and innovation in Easter treats, leaving these marshmallow eggs scrambling to catch up.

Survey responder quotes:

  • "They look better than they taste." - Taylor, 31

  • "I remember these from my childhood, but they don't seem to have the same magic anymore." - Jordan, 27

  • "It's like they couldn't decide whether to be a marshmallow candy or a chocolate treat and ended up being neither." - Casey, 29

  • "A for appearance, D for taste. I wish the chocolate layer was thicker to balance out the marshmallow." - Alex, 33

3. Peeps Easter version

Peeps Worst Easter Candy

Peeps, the iconic marshmallow treats, are practically synonymous with Easter. These sugar-coated chicks and bunnies come in various vibrant colors, offering a soft, squishy texture that's been a staple of Easter baskets for generations. Their cheerful appearance and association with springtime festivities make them a seasonal favorite, embodying the light-hearted essence of the holiday.

Despite their popularity, Peeps are a polarizing candy. Some adore the sugary sweetness and unique texture, while others critique them for being overly sweet and somewhat artificial in flavor. The debate over Peeps is as much a part of Easter as the candies themselves, dividing families and friends into pro- and anti-Peep camps.

Movement from last year:

No change (stayed #3)

Explanation of movement:

Peeps have maintained their position as the third worst Easter candy, a testament to their enduringly divisive nature. While they command a loyal following, the backlash against their intense sweetness and tacky texture has remained steadfast.

It seems that for every fan who can't wait to open a pack, there's someone else who'd rather pass. This love-it-or-hate-it dynamic ensures Peeps a consistent spot on the list, emblematic of the clash between tradition and taste.

Survey responder quotes:

  • "I just can't with Peeps. It's like eating a sugar-coated sponge. No thank you." - Miguel, 30

  • "Love them or hate them, you can't deny they're an Easter icon. But no way I'm eating that abomination" - Hanna, 28

  • "They're fun to look at but not to eat." - Leo, 35

2. Easter Candy Corn "Bunny Corn" (Brachs)

Bunny Corn Candy Corn Worst Easter Candy

Easter Candy Corn, or "Bunny Corn" as it's affectionately called by some, attempts to springify the classic Halloween treat by offering it in pastel colors suited for the Easter season.

These little triangular candies retain the traditional candy corn flavor but swap out the Halloween orange, yellow, and white for a more Easter-appropriate palette of pink, green, and yellow.

Despite the seasonal color makeover, Bunny Corn inherits the divisive nature of its Halloween counterpart. While some enjoy the nostalgia and unique texture that candy corn brings, others find its overly sweet taste and waxy texture less than appealing, especially when there are so many other Easter treats to choose from.

Movement from last year:

Up 2 spots from last year

Explanation of movement:

The rise of Bunny Corn in the ranks of the worst Easter candies suggests a growing skepticism towards rebranding traditionally non-Easter candies for the holiday.

It seems that the novelty of Easter-themed candy corn has worn off, with more people questioning its place among the springtime treats. This shift reflects a broader trend towards authenticity and originality in holiday confections, leaving Bunny Corn caught in a bit of an identity crisis.

Survey responder quotes:

  • "Bringing candy corn into Easter doesn't make it any better." - Sofia, 31

  • "I thought I'd give Bunny Corn a chance, but it just confirmed my belief that candy corn should stay in October." - Raj, 27

  • "Easter candy should be fun and fresh. Bunny Corn ain't it." - Miranda, 29

1. Cadbury Creme Egg. Still the Champion

Cadbury Creme Eggs Worst Easter Candy

The Cadbury Creme Egg is an Easter confectionery icon, featuring a thick chocolate shell encasing a sweet, gooey center designed to mimic the yolk and white of a real egg.

Launched decades ago, it has become a seasonal staple, eagerly anticipated by many as the shelves begin to fill with Easter treats. The combination of its rich chocolate and the sugary fondant filling offers a burst of sweetness that is both beloved and bemoaned.

Despite its popularity and iconic status, the Cadbury Creme Egg finds itself at the top of the worst Easter candies list. Critics argue that the egg's overly sweet filling can be cloying, and the novelty of its design does not necessarily translate to a universally enjoyable eating experience.

Its #1 rank reflects a love-it-or-hate-it relationship with consumers, dividing opinion even among the most ardent candy lovers.

Movement from last year:

No change (stayed #1)

Explanation of movement:

The Cadbury Creme Egg, an Easter candy behemoth, has held onto its notorious top spot with a mixture of nostalgia, cultural impact, and divisive taste. These eggs have been a cornerstone of Easter traditions, immortalized by commercials that left a generation confused about the reproductive habits of bunnies.

The audacity of Cadbury to create such a distinctive treat—complete with a chocolate shell encasing a mock egg white and yolk made from sugary fondant—deserves applause for its confectionary innovation. However, the practical experience of consuming this "work of candy art" often falls short of its aesthetic promise.

Cadbury Creme Eggs Mess

The challenges begin with the chocolate shell. Ideally, it serves as a firm barrier, but any deviation from the perfect temperature turns the egg into a messy ordeal, challenging eaters to navigate its gooey center without spillage.

The texture and consistency of the liquid fondant filling further complicate matters, with many finding it unpalatably sweet or texturally off-putting.

Adding insult to injury, the transition of Cadbury to Kraft's ownership marked a significant turning point. The shift from the beloved Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate to a "standard chocolate mix" for its shell was met with public outcry and petitions demanding a return to the original recipe.

This change, perceived as a downgrade in quality for cost-cutting measures, has only exacerbated the discontent surrounding these eggs.

While Cadbury Creme Eggs remain a symbol of Easter and a subject of marvel for their unique design, the consensus on their consumption is less favorable. The blend of anticipation and disappointment they engender places them firmly at the pinnacle of Easter candy infamy.

This perfectly reflects the collective yearning for cherished tastes of yesteryear and a critique of the compromises made in the pursuit of profit.

Survey responder quotes:

  • "Every Easter, I get a Cadbury Creme Egg out of tradition, but each time I'm reminded why it's a once-a-year ordeal. The fondant is just too much." - Jordan, 34

  • "I miss the old Cadbury chocolate. Ever since they changed the recipe, it just hasn't been the same. They cheapened it." - Leslie, 28

  • "The concept is genius, but the execution? Not so much." - Alex, 30

  • "There's something about the liquid fondant that just doesn't sit right with me. It's like they focused so much on making it look like an egg, they forgot to make it taste good." - Sam, 27

Cadbury Creme Eggs aren't the only Easter candy made by Cadbury. They are the worst, but Cadbury also happen to make the best.

Which brings us to…


The 10 BEST Easter Candies

10. Skittles-Filled Easter Eggs

Skittles-Filled Eggs

Skittles-Filled Easter Eggs offer a vibrant burst of fruit-flavored joy, encapsulated within plastic eggs that are perfect for Easter egg hunts. These colorful eggs hide a sweet surprise inside, making them a hit among children and adults alike who are seeking a tangy alternative to traditional Easter chocolates. The combination of the thrill of the hunt with the beloved taste of Skittles creates a festive and fun Easter experience.

Each egg contains an assortment of Skittles, allowing candy lovers to taste the rainbow with every find. The appeal of these Skittles-Filled Easter Eggs lies not just in their delicious contents but also in their ability to bring a playful, interactive element to Easter celebrations.

Movement from last year:

Down 1 spot from last year

Explanation of movement:

The slight shift in ranking for Skittles-Filled Easter Eggs could be attributed to the ever-evolving tastes of Easter candy enthusiasts and the strong competition among novel and traditional Easter treats.

While still beloved for their fruity flavor and the fun of discovery, they've been nudged by the rising popularity of other candies that offer a more unique or indulgent Easter experience.

The classic appeal of Skittles still remains undisputed.

Survey responder quotes:

  • "I love the surprise of finding Skittles inside the eggs during our family Easter egg hunts. They're a fun break from all the chocolate." - Mia, 27

  • "Skittles are a hit in our house." - Ethan, 35

  • "Always a fan of Skittles, and finding them in Easter eggs is like a double treat. Though, I've been leaning more towards chocolate lately." - Olivia, 30

  • "They're great for the kids and add a nice pop of color to the Easter festivities." - James, 42

9. Hershey's Fun-Sized Candy Bars with Easter Wrappers

Hershey's Easter Fun-Sized Candy Bars

Hershey's Fun-Sized Candy Bars With Easter Wrappers transform the classic Hershey's chocolate experience into a festive Easter treat. These miniature versions of the beloved Hershey's bars come wrapped in colorful, Easter-themed packaging, making them a delightful addition to any Easter basket or egg hunt.

The familiar taste of Hershey's milk chocolate, known and loved by many, gains a seasonal twist with these special wrappers, inviting everyone to indulge in a bite-sized piece of nostalgia.

Whether used as fillers in Easter eggs or as part of a decorative spread, these fun-sized bars offer the perfect blend of tradition and celebration. The appeal lies in their simplicity and the universal love for Hershey's chocolate, making them a straightforward choice for those who prefer classic flavors without the frills.

Movement from last year:

Up 1 spot from last year

Explanation of movement:

The slight climb in the rankings for Hershey's Fun-Sized Candy Bars With Easter Wrappers can be attributed to their enduring appeal and the comfort of familiar tastes amidst an array of more extravagant Easter options.

In a year that has seen a renewed appreciation for simple pleasures and classic comforts, these candy bars have found a way to stand out by simply staying true to what they've always been: reliable, delicious, and nostalgically endearing. 

Survey responder quotes:

  • "There's something special about seeing those Hershey's bars in my kids' Easter baskets. It's a small touch that means a lot." - Andrea, 39

  • "With all the fancy candies around, I still look forward to the simple joy of a Hershey's bar." - Greg, 28

  • "Hershey's mini chocolates are a staple. The Easter-themed wrappers add a fun twist." - Nina, 34

  • "I love the gourmet and novelty candies, but these Hershey's bars are like the comfort food of Easter candy. Always good to have around." - Elijah, 31

8. Kinder Joy Eggs Candy

Kinder Joy Eggs Easter Candy

Kinder Joy Eggs Candy combines the excitement of a surprise toy with the delight of a sweet treat, making them a unique and coveted addition to Easter festivities.

Each egg is a two-part delight: one half contains a deliciously creamy chocolate with two crispy wafer balls, and the other half houses a toy, often themed around spring or Easter.

This innovative design caters to both the taste buds and the playful hearts of children and adults alike, offering a dual experience of snacking and unboxing.

The appeal of Kinder Joy Eggs lies in the anticipation and the joy of discovery. Not only do they serve as a tasty snack, but they also provide a moment of entertainment and curiosity, embodying the spirit of Easter surprises.

Movement from last year:

No change

Explanation of movement:

Kinder Joy Eggs maintain their position on the list, a testament to their enduring popularity and unique niche within the Easter candy market. Their ability to blend the joy of a surprise toy with the indulgence of chocolate creates a memorable experience that stands out among more traditional Easter candies.

This stable ranking could reflect the consistent demand for interactive and innovative treats that go beyond mere consumption to offer an engaging experience. The balance Kinder Joy strikes between novelty and deliciousness keeps it a favorite year after year.

Survey responder quotes:

  • "My kids are obsessed with Kinder Joy Eggs." - Taylor, 37

  • "I buy these for Easter every year, not just for the kids, but I admit, I'm always curious about the toy inside too." - Alex, 29

  • "Kinder Joy Eggs capture the essence of Easter for me: surprises, sweets, and a bit of fun. They're a must-have." - Jordan, 32

  • "The chocolate is creamy and the toys are surprisingly entertaining." - Sam, 26

7. Foil-Wrapped Chocolate Eggs

Foil Wrapped Chocolate Eggs Easter

Foil-Wrapped Chocolate Eggs are a quintessential Easter treat, embodying the essence of the holiday with their shiny, colorful wrappers and delicious chocolate interiors.

These small, egg-shaped chocolates come in a variety of types, including milk, dark, and even filled varieties, offering a little something for every chocolate lover. The foil wrapping adds an element of surprise and delight, as each egg unwraps to reveal a smooth, creamy chocolate bite.

The tradition of hiding and finding these eggs adds to the Easter excitement, making them a popular choice for egg hunts and baskets. Their appeal lies in the simple pleasure of unwrapping each egg to discover the rich chocolate inside, a joy shared by both children and adults.

Movement from last year:

Down 1 spot from last year

Explanation of movement:

The slight shift in ranking for Foil-Wrapped Chocolate Eggs reflects subtle changes in consumer preferences, with a growing appetite for more novel or gourmet Easter treats nudging these classic favorites down a spot.

Despite this, their timeless appeal, versatility, and role in Easter traditions ensure they remain a beloved part of the holiday. The move is less about a decrease in their popularity and more about the rising prominence of other candies that offer a unique twist on the Easter experience.

Survey responder quotes:

  • "There's something so satisfying about peeling back the foil and getting to the chocolate. It's a small, perfect moment." - Clara, 34

  • "My family's Easter wouldn't be complete without these chocolate eggs. They're a staple, but I've been drawn to try some of the new candies on the market too." - Derek, 41

  • "These foil-wrapped eggs are the essence of Easter for me. Simple, sweet, and so festive." - Lina, 29

  • "I love collecting all the different colors of foil. The chocolate is always a treat, but this year I've been enjoying some of the more unique candies as well." - Marco, 27

6. Chocolate Bunnies (Hollow)

Chocolate Bunnies Hollow

Chocolate Bunnies (Hollow) are an Easter icon, capturing the imagination and taste buds of those celebrating the season. These bunnies, crafted from smooth and creamy chocolate, come in various sizes and types of chocolate, including milk, dark, and white.

The hollow interior makes them a light, enjoyable treat, perfect for those who appreciate the symbolic joy of Easter without the commitment to a dense, solid chocolate figure.

The allure of these hollow bunnies lies not only in their chocolatey goodness but also in their playful shapes and the fun of breaking them apart to enjoy piece by piece. They are a centerpiece of Easter traditions, embodying the spirit of the holiday in their festive forms.

Movement from last year:

Down 2 spots from last year

Explanation of movement:

The slight descent in the rankings for hallow Chocolate Bunnies can be attributed to a growing preference for more intricate or unique Easter treats.

While still adored for their classic appeal and delightful presence in Easter celebrations, the enthusiasm for these traditional figures has been slightly overshadowed by the rising popularity of candies offering novel flavors, textures, or experiences.

Survey responder quotes:

  • "I've always loved the tradition of getting a chocolate bunny in my Easter basket. They're timeless, but this year, I found myself drawn to some of the newer candies as well." - Emma, 38

  • "Nothing says Easter like a chocolate bunny. While I adore them, my kids are more excited about some of the other candies these days." - Bryan, 45

  • "The chocolate bunny is an Easter must-have for me. They're not as filling as the solid ones." - Sofia, 31

  • "Breaking apart a hollow chocolate bunny is a childhood memory I cherish.2" - Luis, 29

5. Mallow Top Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Mallow Top Reese Cups

Mallow Top Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are a delightful twist on the classic Reese's, featuring a layer of marshmallow-flavored creme atop the traditional peanut butter filling, all encased in a chocolate shell.

This seasonal variant combines the beloved creamy, salty-sweet peanut butter taste with a fluffy, marshmallowy top, creating a harmonious blend of flavors and textures that's perfectly suited for Easter indulgence.

Introduced as a nod to the spring season, these treats have quickly found their way into the hearts of Reese's enthusiasts and marshmallow fans alike. The addition of the marshmallow flavor adds a lightness to the dense peanut butter, making it a refreshingly new yet familiar taste experience.

Movement from last year:

Up 2 spots from last year

Explanation of movement:

The rise in popularity of the Mallow Top Reese's Peanut Butter Cups can be attributed to their innovative take on the classic Reese's formula.

By incorporating a seasonal twist that appeals to the Easter theme, they've managed to capture the attention of candy lovers looking for something different yet reliably delicious.

This increase in ranking signifies a growing appreciation for creative adaptations of traditional treats, highlighting a trend towards blending classic flavors with novel elements to celebrate the holiday.

Survey responder quotes:

  • "I didn't think you could improve on Reese's, but the Mallow Top version is a game changer." - Jess, 26

  • "The marshmallow layer adds a sweet surprise." - Brian, 32

  • "Perfect balance of flavors!" - Nina, 38

  • "It's like an Easter treat and a classic all in one." - Omar, 29

4. Robins Eggs From Whoppers

Robins Eggs Whoppers

Robins Eggs are a delightful Easter treat that combines the classic malted milk ball with a colorful candy shell, mimicking the appearance of a robin's egg.

They are known for their crunchy shell and the soft, creamy malted milk center that Whoppers enthusiasts adore. The speckled exterior adds to their charm, making them not only a tasty addition to the Easter candy lineup but also a visually appealing one.

Their unique blend of textures and the nostalgic flavor of malted milk chocolate make Robins Eggs a favorite among those who appreciate a crunch with their sweet treats. Perfect for filling Easter baskets or adding a decorative touch to holiday tables, these candies capture the essence of spring with their playful appearance and delightful taste.

Movement from last year:

Up 1 spot from last year

Explanation of movement:

The rise in popularity of Robins Eggs from Whoppers could be attributed to their enduring appeal and the increased desire for nostalgic, visually engaging Easter treats.

As consumers look to celebrate the holiday with both traditional and unique candies, Robins Eggs stand out for their ability to blend the best of both worlds. This upward movement reflects a broader trend towards valuing candies that offer a sensory experience, combining taste, texture, and visual appeal, making them a more sought-after choice in the Easter candy selection.

Survey responder quotes:

  • "The crunch of the shell followed by the creamy malt center is irresistible. Robins Eggs are a must-have for me every Easter." - Chris, 37

  • "I love the look of these candies in my Easter decor. They're as much a visual treat as they are delicious." - Avery, 29

  • "There's something so satisfying about cracking into a Robins Egg." - Jordan, 42

  • "These have been a favorite since I was a kid. The speckled shell makes them different, and the flavor brings back so many memories." - Leslie, 34

3. Jelly Beans (Gourmet / Naturally-Flavored)

Jelly Beans Gourmet Easter Candy

Gourmet Jelly Beans, distinguished by their naturally-flavored essence, elevate the classic jelly bean experience to new heights. These small, colorful candies are a feast for the senses, offering a wide array of flavors that range from the traditional to the exotic, all made with natural flavorings.

The emphasis on quality ingredients results in a taste that's richer and more authentic, making each bean a miniature adventure in flavor.

Part of the appeal lies in the variety and the surprise of discovering new favorite flavors among the assortment. Whether tucked inside Easter eggs or displayed in decorative jars, these jelly beans add a sophisticated twist to Easter celebrations, appealing to candy lovers of all ages who appreciate the finer points of confectionary craftsmanship.

Movement from last year:

Down 1 spot from last year

Explanation of movement:

The slight adjustment in the rankings for Gourmet Jelly Beans reflects the dynamic nature of Easter candy preferences, particularly the intense competition at the top.

Despite a minor shift, their popularity remains strong, driven by a growing consumer interest in quality and natural ingredients. This move isn't so much a decline in their appeal as it is a testament to the soaring popularity of other candies that have managed to resonate even more deeply with the Easter spirit and consumer tastes this year.

Survey responder quotes:

  • "The flavors are so vivid and natural, it's like tasting spring itself." - Marissa, 30

  • "Not your average jelly beans. Each one is a surprise, and finding a new flavor I love is part of the Easter fun for me." - Theo, 27

  • "The quality aspect really makes a difference. It's nice to have candy that tastes like real fruit rather than just sugar." - Angela, 35

  • "While I adore these jelly beans for their natural flavors, I've got to admit, the competition was tough this year with so many good candies." - Evan, 42

2. Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs

Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs

Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs take the beloved Reese's experience and reshape it into an Easter-themed treat that has become a seasonal favorite.

These eggs feature the classic combination of smooth, creamy peanut butter encased in rich milk chocolate, offering a satisfying texture and taste that perfectly balances sweetness with a hint of saltiness.

The egg shape not only makes them a perfect fit for the holiday but also seems to enhance the peanut butter-to-chocolate ratio, much to the delight of fans.

The popularity of Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs lies in their ability to blend traditional Easter candy elements with the iconic flavor profile of Reese's. This has made them a sought-after treat during the Easter season, appealing to both long-time Reese's lovers and those looking for a festive twist on a classic candy.

Movement from last year:

Up 1 spot

Explanation of movement:

This rise in the rankings can be attributed to the continued and growing adoration for the Reese's brand, coupled with the seasonal appeal of the peanut butter eggs. The shift reflects a preference for candies that offer a rich, indulgent experience, with the Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs providing a perfect blend of holiday tradition and beloved flavor.

Their ascent is a testament to their unwavering popularity and the powerful nostalgia and satisfaction they deliver, further solidifying their position as a top Easter candy choice.

Survey responder quotes:

  • "Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs are the highlight of my Easter candy haul!" - Danielle, 29

  • "I can't get enough of these." - Omar, 34

  • "The only problem with these eggs is that they're so good, they disappear too quickly! " - Sarah, 38

  • "Easter isn't complete without Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs. They manage to make Reese's even more irresistible." - Luke, 31

1. Cadbury Mini Eggs

Cadbury Mini Eggs are the BEST Easter Candy

Cadbury Mini Eggs, with their distinctive appearance and unmatched taste, have once again clinched the top spot as the best Easter candy.

These little eggs captivate with a hard candy shell that's soft to the touch, encasing a rich chocolate center that promises and delivers a crunch like no other. The unique texture and flavor of the shell combined with the chocolate create an irresistible treat that stands out in the vast sea of Easter candies.

Despite their relatively recent history compared to traditional Easter symbols like chocolate bunnies, Cadbury Mini Eggs have soared in popularity, becoming a beloved fixture in Easter celebrations. Their appeal is undeniable, with many trying to pinpoint exactly what makes them so irresistible.

Perhaps it's the initial resistance of the shell giving way to the creamy chocolate inside, or maybe it's the perfect harmony of flavors that tantalizes the taste buds in a way few other candies can.

Movement from last year:

No change

Explanation of movement:

The unwavering position of Cadbury Mini Eggs at the top is a testament to their unparalleled popularity and the joy they bring to Easter festivities.

This candy transcends mere taste to become a symbol of the season, with its consistently high demand reflecting an enduring love affair with these chocolate delights. The controversy surrounding Cadbury's packaging changes, specifically the removal of the word "Easter," sparked debate but did little to dampen the enthusiasm for these eggs.

Cadbury's assertion that chocolate eggs and Easter are intrinsically linked seems to be borne out in the continued devotion to Mini Eggs, proving that their allure is as strong as ever.

Survey responder quotes:

  • "There's just something magical about Cadbury Mini Eggs." - Jamie, 24

  • "Every year, I look forward to these more than any other candy. They're perfect." - Alex, 30

  • "Cadbury Mini Eggs are the pinnacle of Easter candy. No contest." - Erin, 28

There you have it folks. Just like previous years, Cadbury continues to make both the #1 Best and the #1 Worst Easter candy. And jelly beans continue to contribute to the socio-economic divide.

Whatever your thoughts about Easter candy are, they likely include thinking about Cadbury's brand. Winner of Easter: Cadbury.

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