America's Favorite Jelly Beans by State [Interactive Map]

The Definitive National and State-by-State Ranking of Jelly Bean Flavors.
~Over 9 Years of Sales Data and Over 10,000 People Surveyed [interactive]

Did you know that Americans gobble up more than 16 billion (with a B) jelly beans on Easter? Well, now you do. Since Easter is almost here, and National Jelly Bean Day is April 22nd, we got curious about which jelly bean flavors people love most. When we get curious, we dig through over 9 years of sales data. And then we survey a ton of people too.

Jelly Bean Flavors by State Map Key
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By Clair Robins

Using the jelly bean sales data from the last 10 years and SurveyMonkey and Facebook polls of over 12,000 candy customers and followers, we ranked the most loved jelly bean flavors in all 50 states and the 32 most popular flavors nationally. We weighted sales and survey data at 90/10 respectively, and favored recent sales data over older data. Here are our results.

The Most Popular Jelly Bean Flavors in America

We ranked the top 30 jelly bean flavors rankings across the country based on over 12,000 votes and over a decade of jelly bean sales data.

There is a new king in town this year. Last year, Black Licorice was the top Jelly Bean, but it has been unseated!

#1 Buttered Popcorn

Yes, it's polarizing. But it's also America's number one favorite jelly bean flavor. Thousands of people love this smooth, salty and savory jelly bean the best, while others scrunch up their noses when it's mentioned. Some even write nasty comments about it in their survey form… :) But when the results were tallied, more people loved buttered popcorn flavor than any other.

Top Jelly Bean Flavors in America

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#2 Black Licorice

Black licorice was one of the original Jelly Belly jelly bean flavors back in the 1970s and reigned supreme as the #1 favorite …until this year. It's a classic.

#3 Cinnamon

Some like it sweet, some like it spicy. According to over 12,000 Americans and data, cinnamon is now the country's 3rd favorite jelly bean, up 2 whole spots over last year. That's a big jump!

Have you noticed that none of the top 3 are sweet or fruity flavors? That surprised me.

#4 Watermelon

Refreshing watermelon jelly beans are irrefutably delicious. That's why we're not surprised this classic jelly bean flavor is the fourth most popular in America.

#5 Cherry

Cherry jelly bean, you're still doing pretty well for yourself as far as popularity goes. Jelly Belly actually reports that cherry was the jelly bean of choice for over 20 years until buttered popcorn usurped its throne. However, cherry made a bit of a comeback in 2003 and outshone buttered popcorn once again. According to the American people who shop at our online candy store and those took our survey, it looks like for now cherry is in buttered popcorn's shadow yet again. Better luck next year, cherry!

#6 Pear / Juicy Pear

This light, sweet, and delicate flavor has proven itself to be a crowd fave. If you haven't given juicy pear jelly beans a chance, grow a pear and try some!

#7 Orange

Orange you glad the candy industry invented orange flavored jelly beans? We sure are! And so are the thousands of people who voted orange flavored jelly beans as their all-time favorite.

#8 Green Apple

People can't get enough of the sour pucker of green apple jelly beans. These tiny beans explode with juicy apple flavor in ways people never tire of.

Ok we're really making up for the lack of fruity flavors in the top 3 now!

#9 Toasted Marshmallow

Americans want to know if they can have s'more toasted marshmallow jelly beans. That's because they love them tremendously! This ninth favorite jelly bean tastes wonderful when mixed with chocolate jelly beans or when it's eaten by itself.

#10 Coconut

If you like piña coladas, then you'll adore coconut jelly beans. These creamy and sweet treats have people going nuts over them.

#11 Strawberry

Strawberry fields forever might be the anthem of those who voted strawberry jelly beans as their favorite flavor. Try them and see if they make you sing this tune too!

#12 Cotton Candy

Cotton candy seems like a wild card. However, everyone has to let out their inner child in one way or another. Maybe that's why cotton candy jelly beans are America's 12th favorite.

#13 Blueberry

We're not sure about every brand of jelly bean, but we do know blueberry jelly beans were created by Jelly Belly for Ronald Reagan's inauguration in 1981. The president was a huge fan of these tiny beans and kept them in the White House throughout his Presidency.

#14 Bubblegum

Love bubblegum flavored jelly beans? So do hundreds of other Americans. You can't chew these tiny beans for long, but they are full of a long-lasting fruity flavor that true bubblegum addicts adore.

#15 Root Beer

Rooting for root beer? If you voted for this flavor, you helped make root beer jelly beans the nation's 15th most popular! To blow your mind next time you eat some, mix in vanilla jelly beans for a root beer float effect.

#16 Peach

Everything is peachy keen for peach flavored jelly beans. People love its subtle fruitiness and juicy burst of flavor.

#17 Coffee

Caffeine-aholics don't just stop at a cup of Joe; they dive into coffee flavored jelly beans too! This 17th favorite jelly bean flavor in the country won't keep you awake, but it will keep you coming back for more.

#18 Grape

People who love grape jelly beans say, “they're grape!” You will too if you try these purple, yummy jelly beans.

#19 Lemon

Pucker up! Hundreds of people have a penchant for lemon jelly beans—and taste buds of steel to handle their tartness.

#20 Red Apple

Those who love apple flavor without the punch go for red apple jelly beans. These bright red jellies might look like cherry or cinnamon, but their distinct flavor makes it obvious once you take a bite.

#21 Chocolate

Chocaholics agree that chocolate flavored jelly beans are just as good as a bar—maybe even better!

#22 Banana

Instead of peeling a banana, skip the fuss by trying banana jelly beans. Although these yellow candies don't have potassium, they do have lots of authentic banana flavor.

#23 Lime

Lime is sublime to many jelly bean fans. This tart jelly bean doesn't disappoint with its burst of citrus.

#24 Sour Jelly Beans

Those who gobble up cherry, lime, green apple, and lemon candies, sour candy straws and Sour Patch Kids go crazy for the sour variety. These jelly beans have all the fruity flavor with added pucker power. Sour

#25 Tutti Frutti

It's hard to put into words what tutti frutti tastes like. It's kind of like fruit punch, sort of similar to sherbet, and has a hint of bubblegum in there. Maybe the fans who voted for tutti frutti jelly beans have solved this enigma?

#26 Maple

Love maple? Avoid the sticky stuff by opting for maple jelly beans instead!

#27 Vanilla

Vanilla is anything but boring. This sweet, warm flavor never goes out of style, mixes with practically any other flavor, and has proven to be America's 27th favorite jelly bean!

#28 Cream Soda

Vanilla and cream soda are pretty darn close taste-wise. In fact, in a blind taste test only the most sophisticated palates might be able to distinguish between the two. Given that fact, it's no surprise that these two flavors are neck-and-neck, coming in 27th and 28th in America's favorite jelly bean flavor ranking.

#29 Raspberry

Whoever heard of a snozzberry? Not many people. But lots have heard of raspberries and specifically, raspberry flavored jelly beans! These crowd favorite beans are America's 29th most popular.

#30 Pomegranate

Pomegranate is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and more. We wish the same could be said for the jelly bean variety. However, these little beans possess all of the delicious pomegranate flavor people crave.

State Rankings

There are state birds, state flowers, and now state jelly beans for hard core candy fans! See which jelly bean flavor ranks highest for your state.

Top Jelly Bean Flavors by State

State Top Flavor 2018 Runner-Up Show (3rd Place)
Alabama Watermelon Pear Black Licorice
Alaska Black Licorice Cherry Watermelon
Arizona Buttered Popcorn Cinnamon Juicy Pear
Arkansas Buttered Popcorn Watermelon Juicy Pear
California Buttered Popcorn Black Licorice Cotton Candy
Colorado Black Licorice Watermelon Juicy Pear
Connecticut Buttered Popcorn Cherry Juicy Pear
Delaware Cinnamon Toasted Marshmallow Buttered Popcorn
Florida Watermelon Peach Juicy Pear
Georgia Buttered Popcorn Red Apple Juicy Pear
Hawaii Watermelon Cherry Grape
Idaho Orange Buttered Popcorn Cherry
Illinois Chocolate Black Licorice Grape
Indiana Blueberry Black Licorice Watermelon
Iowa Cherry Buttered Popcorn Grape
Kansas Cinnamon Black Licorice Watermelon
Kentucky Black Licorice Cinnamon Strawberry
Louisiana Pink Strawberry Buttered Popcorn Cherry
Maine Green Apple Black Licorice Cherry
Maryland Orange Cherry Buttered Popcorn
Massachusetts Coconut Bubblegum Watermelon
Michigan Buttered Popcorn Black Licorice Green Apple
Minnesota Black Licorice Toasted Marshmallow Coconut
Mississippi Green Apple Watermelon Buttered Popcorn
Missouri Buttered Popcorn Orange Watermelon
Montana Cotton Candy Black Licorice Grape
Nebraska Cherry Black Licorice Blueberry
Nevada Cinnamon Watermelon Grape
New Hampshire Juicy Pear Watermelon Grape
New Jersey Black Licorice Peach Cherry
New Mexico Cherry Toasted Marshmallow Watermelon
New York Buttered Popcorn Cherry Bubblegum
North Carolina Black Licorice Cinnamon Grape
North Dakota Black Licorice Cinnamon Buttered Popcorn
Ohio Buttered Popcorn Black Licorice Cherry
Oklahoma Green Apple Coffee Toasted Marshmallow
Oregon Watermelon Bubblegum Black Licorice
Pennsylvania Blueberry Black Licorice Green Apple
Rhode Island Blueberry Cinnamon Pink Strawberry
South Carolina Cherry Black Licorice Blueberry
South Dakota Pink Strawberry Cinnamon Blueberry
Tennessee Black Licorice Juicy Pear Blueberry
Texas Buttered Popcorn Black Licorice Cinnamon
Utah Cherry Banana Black Licorice
Vermont Juicy Pear Orange Maple
Virginia Cinnamon Watermelon Buttered Popcorn
Washington Juicy Pear Orange Pink Strawberry
Washington DC Cherry Black Licorice Cinnamon
West Virginia Blueberry Orange Buttered Popcorn
Wisconsin Watermelon Juicy Pear Cotton Candy
Wyoming Cinnamon Juicy Pear Cotton Candy


Deep in the hot south, people love their warm weather crops—watermelon being one of them! That's why it's no shocker that watermelon-flavored jelly beans are Alabama's favorite.


The Last Frontier may be wild and dangerous, but its favorite jelly bean flavor isn't. Alaskans love the classic jelly bean flavor, black licorice, that's been around since the 1800s (it's contested they may have been invented even before then).


Arizona is home to the Grand Canyon, acres of Saguaro cacti, and buttered popcorn jelly bean fanatics! Since people like to eat popcorn while spectating, Arizonans can pop their buttered popcorn jelly beans while taking in the sights.


Arkansas may be the number one rice exporter in America, but its one of the top buttered popcorn jelly bean consumers in the nation too. Ironically, the people of the Natural State sure like synthetically flavored treats a lot.


Californians like their grass green, skies blue, and jelly beans buttered—buttered popcorn that is. You never know someone's true colors until they show you!


The white caps of the Rocky Mountains are balanced by the black licorice jelly beans Coloradans love to eat. Out of all jelly bean flavors, these people of the west chose black licorice as their ultimate favorite.


The Constitution State is so rich in legal history that we're surprised it hasn't ratified its favorite jelly bean flavor into state law. Connecticutians love their buttered popcorn beans, but as of now it's not mandated that people consume them!


It's amusing to see such a tiny state choose such a bold flavor. Delawareans have spoken and cinnamon is their favorite flavored jelly bean.


You can't judge a book by it's cover. For instance, we would have guessed Floridians favorite flavor jelly bean to be something tropical, but the people of this state enjoy watermelon jelly beans the most!


Georgia may be famous for its peaches, but the preferred flavor of jelly bean is buttered popcorn. We'll have to start calling you Georgia popcorns instead of Georgia peaches!


Hawaii is known for fresh seafood, delicious home-grown coffee and pineapple, and its adoration of watermelon flavored jelly beans! Hawaiians love watermelon jelly beans so much, they wish they could snorkel in them.


Back in pioneer days, people went out west to Idaho to try and strike it rich in gold. Now, the people here just want to dig into some orange jelly beans—the state's most popular jelly bean flavor.


Illinois, make some noise for your favorite jelly bean flavor, chocolate! You people sure seem to love this decadent treat.


This state ranks 12th in the nation for blueberry production—who woulda thunk it? It also has some of the most blueberry fiends in the country—voting blueberry as its state favorite jelly bean flavor.


Iowa is corn country, but oddly enough buttered popcorn isn't this state's favorite jelly bean flavor—cherry is! The people of Iowa have spoken and its their love of red cherry jelly beans that they've shouted from the rooftops.


It gets hot as the dickens in Kansas—even when it comes to dessert. The people of this middle-America state love them some cinnamon jelly beans.


Fried chicken isn't a jelly bean flavor, otherwise that might be the top pick of Kentuckians! Instead, this southern state keeps coming back for black licorice jelly beans.


Louisiana is known for its culinary God status, but its people keep it simple when it comes to jelly beans. Out of dozens of flavors, Louisianians prefer strawberry jelly beans to anything else.


Maine may be the only state with a one-syllable name, but it's not the only region to love green apple flavored jelly beans. Mississippians and Oklahomans also love green apple jelly beans more than any other flavor.


Like the color of their beloved Orioles, Marylanders love orange flavored jelly beans! We doubt orange jelly beans would taste good with Old Bay on top though.


Maybe it's the long cold winters or lack of palm trees that has Massachusetts compensating for the cold. This state's favorite jelly bean flavor is of the tropical variety—coconut!


Michigan may be famous for its cherries, but the people here prefer their jelly beans to come in buttered popcorn flavor. It seems the Great Lakes State has great taste. Michigan was one of the states that flipped it for the buttered popcorn. Last year they preferred black licorice.


Minnesota is covered in pristine white snow for most of the year. However, Minnesotans go the polar opposite with their majority jelly bean choice: black licorice!


Mississippi may be famous for having the largest cactus plantation in the world (seriously), but it's also known for having rabid green apple jelly bean fans! Mississippians adore these sour green candies.


Show Me State, we asked you to show us your love for jelly beans and tell us your favorite flavor. You responded with buttered popcorn!


It's kind of funny that Big Sky Country likes their sweets to resemble clouds in the sky. You guys love cotton candy flavored jelly beans and the fluffy carnival treat they're created to taste like.


In Nebraska, you'll find a Spam factory, the most river mileage in the country, and a bevy of cherry jelly bean fans. Based on sales data from nine years and a poll of 10,000 people, Nebraskans love this red bean best.


Are Nevadans into gambling so they can make a fortune and buy a lifetime supply of bulk jelly beans? We're not sure. But we are positive Nevadans love cinnamon flavored jelly beans most.

New Hampshire

People in New Hampshire may Live Free or Die, but they also Eat Pear Jelly Beans or Die. These New Englanders can't get enough of these pear flavored candies.

New Jersey

New Jersey is home to America's first baseball game (Hoboken), the world's longest boardwalk (Atlantic City), and the world's tallest water tower. With that much history, it's no surprise New Jersey natives love traditional black licorice jelly beans best.

New Mexico

The beautiful red rocks of New Mexico echo its people's favorite jelly bean, cherry! Although New Mexico is known for its scorching summers and spicy chile peppers, residents here enjoy a sweeter jelly bean.

New York

New York is the epicenter of U.S. entertainment. Between Broadway, professional sports teams, Woodstock, and more it has a rich history of keeping people occupied. That's why it's so fitting that New Yorkers love buttered popcorn jelly beans—a perfect snack to enjoy while spectating.

North Carolina

Maybe it's because North Carolina is home to the Tar Heels that the people in this state enjoy black licorice jelly beans best. Or maybe it's because black licorice is a classic flavor that's proven its popularity over decades.

North Dakota

Fun fact: North Dakota grows the most sun flowers in America. But you might not believe it since most of us think of cold and snow when we imagine the state! This state also loves black licorice jelly beans better than any other flavor.


Ohio is known for exporting rubber and oil. However, the state imports are of the dairy-agricultural variety. Specifically buttered popcorn! Ohio was a black licorice lover last year, but has flipped for the new buttery king of jelly beans.


Oklahoma has the most man-made lakes in the country. It also hauls in lots of man-made green apple jelly beans; the favorite flavor of Oklahomans.


If Oregonians could fill Crater Lake with watermelon jelly beans they probably would! The people here are obsessed with this flavor.


While Pennsylvania is home to Hershey—the chocolate capital of America—it has a different favorite flavor when it comes to jelly beans. Pennsylvanians love blueberry jelly beans most!

Rhode Island

This tiny state has a big appetite when it comes to blueberry flavored jelly beans (also Ronald Reagan's favorite jelly bean flavor). Rhode Islanders love this blue bean just as much as they adore clam bakes and the beach.

Correction: Reagan's favorite jelly bean flavor was actually licorice. It is not clear whether by the time of his passing he had tasted a buttered popcorn flavored jelly bean. :)

South Carolina

The Palmetto State has an affinity for its signature mustard-based barbecue instead of traditional ketchup recipes. However, when it comes to jelly beans the state heads back over to the red side. People here love cherry flavored jelly beans the most.

South Dakota

You wouldn't think a state with an ominous region called the Badlands would go for such a whimsical flavored jelly bean. Alas, South Dakotans love strawberry flavored jelly beans more than any other.


Tennessee candy fans only take a break from line dancing in Honkie Tonks when black licorice jelly beans are around. This country music hub has a taste for every classic it seems.


Everything is bigger in Texas—including the appetite for buttered popcorn flavored jelly beans! When this buttery, savory bean is paired with brisket, barbecue, and other umami flavors Texans love, it tastes divine.


Utah is known for the sugar beet—pioneers grew thousands of these in the loamy soil to produce sugar back in the 1800s. But with modern technology and shipping services today, Utahans now can enjoy one of their favorite sweet treats, cherry flavored jelly beans, without having to dig in the ground.


The Green Mountain State has a favorite jelly bean that's green too: pear! Maybe Ben and Jerry—the ice cream giants from Vermont—can work juicy pear jelly beans into a new cult classic ice cream recipe.


Virginia has been home to a ton of famous people—Thomas Jefferson, Pharrell, and Dave Grohl to name a few. But one of this southern state's biggest celebrities is cinnamon flavored jelly beans. Virginia is for Lovers, and in this case it's for those who love spicy cinnamon jelly beans too. Last year Virginia preferred Watermelon.


Washington state is famous for producing some of the juiciest and most delicious cherries in the world. What else is this state known for? Gobbling down lots of juicy pear flavored jelly beans. Maybe they can figure out how to grow those on trees…

Washington DC

Cherry trees and cherry blossoms and cherry jelly beans. There is a lot of cherry lore happening in DC. Maybe that’s why the people of DC like cherry jelly beans the best. Black licorice came in second place. Could that be because of all the blackened-hearts of the politicians working there? Cinnamon was the #3 flavor, maybe that’s indicative of the spicy rhetoric flying around there. Or maybe it’s because these are all yummy and generally popular flavors?

West Virginia

Wild and Wonderful West Virginia has a wild sweet tooth for blueberry flavored jelly beans. While its blueberry farms only open for a couple months a year, blueberry jelly beans never go out of season.


As far as we know, cheese isn’t a jelly bean flavor. Otherwise, it might overthrow Wisconsin’s current favorite jelly bean flavor, watermelon. Seems the state has cheeseheads and watermelonheads.


With its whips, spurs, and wild west attitude, we’re not shocked Wyoming loves the fiery flavor of cinnamon jelly beans best.

Do you agree with the taste buds of Americans? We’d love to hear which jelly bean flavor you love most. Tell us all about it in the comments section below. And if you have a hankering for these sweet morsels after reading this post, you can cast your vote by contributing to our sales data yourself, we have a great selection of bulk jelly beans. Bring home several pounds of your favorite flavor to enjoy this Easter and for months (days?? :P ) to come.

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