Peach Jelly Belly - 10lb

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400 beans per pound

Price per pound: $9.00

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This candy sure is a real peach! That's because these Peach Jelly Belly jelly beans are so sweet and loveable that you'll smile every time you look at one or pop one into your mouth. With a gorgeous combination of orange and pink, peach Jelly Bellys sure are show-stoppers. You'll feel like you're walking through a peach orchard as you close your eyes and crunch down on one of these chewy treats.Get ready for the summertime with a bulk order of these peach jelly beans. Bring some to a cookout with friends, add some to lunchboxes when you head to the beach, or keep some stocked in your bar to add to fruity martinis and frozen drinks. The options are as endless as this juicy bean's flavor.

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: F314406

400 beans per pound

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