8 Candy-infused Cocktails For National Martini Day

Candy Martini Recipes You'll Love

You're so refined. That's because if you're reading this blog post, we know your drink of choice is a timeless martini. Cheers to that! To celebrate National Martini Day (and any occasion to swig down a delicious libation), we compiled eight incredible candy-themed cocktail recipes for you to try. So now you can combine two of your favorite things: adult beverages and sweet treats!

Airhead Vodka Slush Recipe

FYI, there's some adult-only language in this martini tutorial. But we hope you're 21-and older anyways if you're looking at this recipe (and old enough to handle some potty mouth)! Bad words aside, this Airhead vodka slush recipe is completely grown-up and amazing.


Summer is here, meaning this recipe is going to get a lot of use during hot, humid days and nights. Make sure you keep the bar and fridge stocked with lemonade, Airheads (flavors are up to you!), and vodka. Learn how to make your own candy-infused vodka.

Cotton Candy Cosmo Recipe

Carrie Bradshaw may have made Cosmopolitan cocktails famous, but this bartender made them divine. That's because these cosmos use cotton candy as a main ingredient!

If you don't have means to make cotton candy at home, check out your local store! Better yet, see if a summer carnival is in town and stock up. When you double seal cotton candy in two air tight bags or containers and put it in the freezer, it'll stay fresh for months! Looks like you'll be equipped for cotton candy cosmos for the remainder of the summer—and year for that matter.

Candy Vodka Cooler Recipe

Vodka makes a lovely backdrop for this explosion of fun candy garnishes. We love these candy coolers for a poolside bash or for a 21-year old's birthday party. They're super fun, sweet, and gorgeous.

We've featured a handful of slushie candy cocktails, so you'll definitely need a reliable blender if you're planning on whipping these up! Aside from that, keep wooden skewers on-hand and your favorite colorful, sweet, and sugary candies so you can make these drinks all summer. If you have kids, you can easily adapt this recipe to be virgin. Just mix up your favorite smoothie or slushie and finish with candy garnishes.

Sour Patch Kid Martini Recipe

Get that sweet and sour taste you crave in a martini! This Sour Patch Kid martini recipe is tart, sugary, and surprisingly mature.

We think these cocktails would be even more fun if you use a long skewer instead of a toothpick to anchor a handful of sour patch kids. Then, you can lay them across the rim of the glass instead of letting them disintegrate in the cocktail. You can also make your own Sour Patch Kid-infused vodka! Maybe try both and see what you like best.

Pink Starburst Cosmos Recipe

How pretty! These cosmo cocktails utilize the best Starburst flavor, pink! You'll need to infuse your own vodka first, but that's as simple as letting Starburst sit in a mason jar full of vodka for a few hours or days. The longer they sit, the more they'll taste like a Starburst.

If you're having a party, these Starburst cosmos would also be great shooters. Just serve them in rocks glasses instead, but drink responsibly since they're strong!

Candy Cane Martini Recipe

We're a ways off from Christmas, but peppermint knows no season. The sweet taste of peppermint is yummy all-year long and is actually one of the lower calorie cocktail ingredients you can use, since most are sugar-free!

In order to make these cocktails thematic for summer, why not incorporate them with blue for the Fourth of July? Use American flag foil wrapped chocolates as garnish. Or, set them on a table with other red, white, and blue hues.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Martini Recipe

In the mood for something savory? Then you'll love this milkshake-like Reese's Peanut Butter Cup martini. With a drizzle of chocolate sauce and a mixture of cream, vodka, peanut rum, chocolate liqueur, and of course Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, you'll have a new favorite cocktail.

Since this cocktail is essentially dessert, serve it that way! Instead of coffee or another aperitif, surprise your guests with these chocolatey, peanut buttery, and creamy cocktails. Just make sure they're not allergic to nuts first!

Salted Caramel Martini Recipe

Salted caramel is so darn tasty! Taste buds just adore that salty, creamy, and buttery combination.


Surprisingly, there are only three ingredients in this marvelous martini: Rumchata, caramel vodka, and caramel sauce. You could really put this martini over the top by dropping a few Werther's Originals into the bottom or using a Cow Tails caramel stick as a stirrer.

Gummy Bear Martini

Gummy bears aren't just for kids. You can make your own gummy bear-infused vodka at home and create a fizzy, amazing martini for friends (or yourself).

This cocktail doesn't skimp on fruity flavor. It has Sprite, peach schnapps, and lots of gummy bear sweetness. Yum! It's five o'clock somewhere right?

If your mouth is watering, then get to the bar and quench your thirst with one of these incredible candy-inspired cocktails. Have a responsible and delicious National Martini Day, everyone!

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