11 Elite Fantasy Football Draft Party Recipes Are Super Fan-Tasty

fantasy football snacks

Aaah. A new football season; fresh with the promise of beating your friends, winning bragging rights, and taking home a big cash prize. If you love Fantasy Football and analyzing every down, field goal, and starting line-up, here's another thing to get pumped for: a Fantasy Football draft party guide. Get your friends together for the draft and enjoy some of these winning recipes and DIYs.

"Deflate-Gate" Chocolate Covered Chips

Have friends who love the Patriots, but not "Deflate-Gate?" You can make these deflated, chocolate covered potato chips for a fun joke.

Chocolate potato chips


They're the perfect mix of salty and sweet and don't take too much time at all. You'll need to melt chocolate, buy your favorite brand of plain potato chip, and then get your tongs ready to start dipping. Once these football shaped chips are cooled, you can add decorative white icing to give them the signature football look.

If you don't have time to do these before the draft, then make them a couple weeks ahead of time and stick them in the freezer!

Gameday Puppy Chow

Puppy chow is anything but dog food. It's a mix of chocolate, powdered sugar, and crunchy, salty morsels. It's a super quick dessert you can literally whip up in minutes.

While we've already named a bunch of reasons to love puppy chow, the best part is undoubtedly its customization options. When you're mixing up your puppy chow, incorporate a few drops of food coloring to match your favorite team. Or throw in some candy doggie bones if your team is part of the Dawg Pound.

To get the thematic football look, also use white icing to decorate the almonds with football stitching. Serve these in cups with team names on them or in a big bowl. You'll work up an appetite strategizing and competing over top players, so make sure you bake a big batch!

The Ultimate Snack Stadium

Setting a bowl of chips and salsa out on the coffee table gets the job done, but it doesn't make an impression. Totally wow your friends at your Fantasy Football draft party by creating the ultimate snacking stadium.

Begin with an arena of soda/beer cans. That might be enough for some fans. :)

Snack stadium


Then, fill the stands with taller treats. Use dips and flatter snacks on the field and of course, include plates and utensils off to the side. The creator of this incredible snack stadium went above and beyond—giving everything a genuine football stadium design.

You can also simplify this thing and still make an impact.

Pigskin Cupcakes

Toss some of these pigskin cupcakes onto a platter and watch them score point after point with your Fantasy Football league.

To recreate this look, you'll need to get handy with an icing gun. Whether you buy a fancy model or a disposable icing kit from the store, it's not hard to do.

Just start at one end of the cupcake and make squiggles with frosting in the shape of an oval. Then, finish it off with the signature white football lacing. This baker used chocolate on chocolate, but as long as you make chocolate icing, you'll be on target with this dessert.

Play-By-Play Brownies

Players don't just get on the field and start kicking/throwing the ball around. Celebrate the strategy behind this all-American game with these play-by-play brownies.

Football is a ridiculously strategic sport down to the very last time-out placement. Your Fantasy Football team is similar; it takes lots of watching and analysis to build a winning team. If you're planning on making the pig skin cupcakes above, you can reuse your icing gun for this dessert!

Just make sure to ice the brownies in green frosting and use white icing for the lines. It'll be more realistic that way.

Football Pizza Pockets

Along with beer, chips, and wings, pizza is definitely one of the main game day snacks. Put a twist on this popular food by turning your pizza into bite size footballs.

Technically, these are little calzones, but they're a breeze to make. Plus, they're a finger food and will be easy to eat while you juggle computers and picking your players.

This baker included a side of marinara, but you can put your football pizza pocket recipe over the top by including different dipping sauces like Alfredo, pesto, or hot sauce.

Hut, Hut, Hike! Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are one of those dishes crowds go wild for. Make your Fantasy Football party guests go nuts when you debut a platter of these.

You can feel free to follow the recipe below, or use your favorite rendition. The only thing you need to do with these football themed deviled eggs is give them the quintessential football look.

Either use herbs to create an edible "stitching" or a drizzle of hot sauce. If you're really careful, you can even use paprika for the embellishment.

Apple "Turnovers"

Turnovers cause a lot of upheaval. So do these apple "turnovers." That's because they're so easy to make!

Apple turnovers


Choose to either buy some pre-made turnovers from the frozen aisle or use your favorite homemade recipe. Then, make toothpick markers that say, "Turnover!" and put them on top.

Here are a few tips: Drizzle caramel on top for extra yumminess, layer on a dollop of ice cream for à la mode, or make them mini sized for dessert sliders!

Football Cheeseball

Instead of spending a ton of money on delivery pizza, put your own spin on the recipe at home! This pepperoni pizza cheeseball is loaded with salty, savory pepperoni and delicious cheese.

You can follow suit and serve it with pretzels, or try crostinis, French bread, warm pita, or even tortilla chips.

This dish is best served cold to keep it's shape, but if you wanted to put it in the oven, then just arrange the pepperonis in a football shape on top. It'll just be a 2D design instead of 3D. However, it'll be mighty tasty.

Touchdown Pretzels

Your draft picks not might work out perfectly, but your menu will if you add these chocolate dipped football pretzels. They're even easier than the potato chip version we featured above.

Football pretzel sticks


If you are in a hurry, opt for these. But if you have time, try both! If you're making the snack stadium, having different textures and flavors will add to the appeal.

And if you have extras, you can crumble them on top of ice cream or snack on them for dessert.

DIY Draft

Since it is a football "draft," you might want to have something on tap. You won't need to go to a bar either or haul in a giant keg.

Beer tap


You can build your own beer dispenser without CO2 and hook up your own home brew. You'll have to be a bit handy to make it happen, but this DIY tap will keep your thirst quenched all football season!

Here are a few more epic sports party snack recipes for you. And here are some gummy bears playing football.

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